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Intermediate Python for Web Development


Basic Operators and Data Structures in Python


Python Functions and Jupyter Notebook


Python Dictionaries, APIs, and Functions for Web Development


Introduction to Python Programming for Web Development


Natural Language Processing for Deep Learning


Convolutional Neural Networks for Deep Learning


Sequence Models for Deep Learning


Querying Databases with SQL and R


Querying Databases with SQL and Python


Querying SQLite from Python


Introduction to SQL and Databases

Window Functions in SQL


Optimizing Network Parameters

Introduction to Python Programming

Network Architectures

Introduction to Deep Learning in TensorFlow

Neural Network Fundamentals

Sharing Insights in Tableau

Visual Analytics in Tableau

Data Visualization Fundamentals in Tableau

Analyzing Data in Excel

Exploring Data in Excel

Visualizing Data in Excel

Introduction to Data Analysis in Excel

Manage Workspaces and Datasets in Power BI

Data Analysis in Power BI

Visualize data in Power BI

Model Data in Power BI

Power BI

SQL Subqueries

Combining Tables in SQL Course

Summarizing Data in SQL

Filtering and Sorting Data in SQL

Introduction to Interactive Web Applications in Shiny

Introduction to Machine Learning in R

Linear Regression Modeling in R

Hypothesis Testing in R

Conditional Probability in R

Introduction to Probability in R

Intermediate Statistics in R

Introduction to Statistics in R

Introduction to Web Scraping in R

Intermediate SQL in R

Introduction to APIs in R

Advanced Data Cleaning in R

Introduction to Data Cleaning in R

Introduction to Data Visualization in R

Specialized Data Processing in R

Control Flow, Iteration, and Functions in R

Data Structures in R

Building a Data Pipeline

Recursion and Trees for Data Engineering

Introduction to Data Structures

Parallel Processing for Data Engineering

Processing Large Datasets In Pandas

NumPy for Data Engineering

Optimizing PostgreSQL Databases

PostgresSQL for Data Engineering

Intermediate SQL for Data Engineering

Introduction to Algorithms

Programming Concepts in Python

Intermediate Python for Data Engineering

Dictionaries and Functions in Python

Introduction to Python for Data Engineering

Analyzing Large Datasets in Spark and Map-Reduce

Optimizing Machine Learning Models in Python

Decision Tree Modeling in Python

Logistic Regression Modeling in Python

Gradient Descent Modeling in Python

Linear Regression Modeling in Python

Linear Algebra For Machine Learning

Introduction to Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python

Calculus For Machine Learning

Introduction to Supervised Machine Learning in Python

Git and Github

Intermediate Command Line for Data Science

Hypothesis Testing in Python

Introduction to Conditional Probability in Python

Introduction to Probability in Python

Intermediate Statistics in Python

Introduction to Statistics in Python

Data Analysis for Business in Python

Intermediate SQL for Data Analysis

Introduction to APIs and Web Scraping in Python

SQL Fundamentals

Text Processing for Data Science

Command Line

Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough

Advanced Data Cleaning in Python

Data Cleaning and Analysis in Python

Telling Stories Using Data Visualization and Information Design

Introduction to Data Visualization in Python

Introduction to Pandas and NumPy for Data Analysis

Intermediate Python for Data Science

Python Functions and Jupyter Notebook

Dictionaries, Frequency Tables, and Functions in Python

For Loops and Conditional Statements in Python

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