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A letter from Dataquest Founder, Vik Paruchuri

Building a better way to learn

Learning Python was extremely difficult for me, but it didn’t have to be. A decade ago, I had a history degree and few prospects. Ultimately, I fought through the learning process and became a successful machine learning engineer, data science consultant, and, finally, CEO of Dataquest. This is not an overnight success story. My learning journey was long, inefficient, and frequently discouraging.

By the time I was done, I realized how I could have saved thousands of hours of wasted time, and prevented a lot of stress. It came down to focusing on doing things I found interesting and learning along the way. Unfortunately, the courses I was taking forced me to spend multiple months learning syntax or watching lectures I lacked context to understand. It was agony.

I started Dataquest with a clear mission: help anyone with a desire to learn data and coding skills succeed. To do this, I built a project-focused learning platform. Effective online education is both informative and motivating. If you’re motivated enough, you can learn and achieve anything.

Since 2014, we’ve been refining our platform, always focusing on what makes learning effective and m otivating.

“Data science and programming can be daunting. But with the right guidance, dedication, and a bit of grit, anyone can do it. It’s not you; sometimes, it’s the way it’s taught.”

- Vik Paruchuri

Why we do what we do

Improving access to education

Affordability and limited access to quality learning resources keep many people from reaching their goals and improving their lives. We believe that anyone who is willing to put in the effort to learn – CAN! So, we work to make that a reality for as many learners as possible through financial aid, educator grants, and scholarship partnerships.

Dataquest is small team relying on subscription revenue to keep our servers running and our courses up-to-date. We are committed to maintaining a platform that is as affordable as it is valuable. Your subscription fee makes this possible. Thank you for being a part of our community.

financial aid requests approved EVERY MONTH!

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Our impact

We put learners first

Our learners have reported a median salary increase of $30,000, and  97% recommend Dataquest for career advancement. These statistics are not just numbers; they are a testament to the transformative power of education at Dataquest.

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Meet our team

Get to know the team working to develop and maintain our courses, constantly improve our platform, and support our learners.

Celeste Grupman

Anna Pershyna
Casey Bates

Technical Program Director
Bruno Cunha
Renny Andres

Content Designer
Daniel Lopez 

Elena Kosourova 

Community Leader
Mike Levy

Course Developer
Anishta Purrahoo

Digital Marketing Manager
Anna Strahl 

Course Developer
Brayan Opiyo

Course Developer


Dataquest wouldn’t exist without countless contributions from incredible folks across the globe.

Michael Abehsera
Nityesh Agarwal
Lauryn Angel
John Aoga
François Aubry
Sabrina Baez
Jack Baruch
Meg Blanchette
Yohann Bosco
Darin Bradley
Camisha Brown
Meghan Cassidy
Hsiao-yeh Chen
Julie Chipko
Loryn Cole
Camisha Colquhoun
Mary Condit
Dustin Cuaresma
Charlie Custer
Luke DeHaas
John Dennis
Josh Devlin
Tom DiGiano
Maximiliano Eaton
Joseph Edelsack
Rana El-Garem
Drew French
Francis Fumarola
Susan Garcia

Lilian Gorriz
Raghav Gupta
Shridhar Gupta
Sarp Gurakan
Vanessa Gutierrez
Alex Hagerman
Randall Hall
Ray Harris
Goyani Himmatbhai
Curtis Humphrey
Daniel Hunter
Adrienne Hunter
Priya Iyer
Leif Jackson
Amita Jacob
Ankit Javalkar
Wes John-Alder
Sahil Juneja
Seth Kahn
Srini Kadamati
Ash Kestrel
Chelsea Kinney
Leo Kirincic
Ioanna Kotoula
Adam Kubalica
Sourav Laskar
Andy LaViolette
Axel Lessio
Jeff Li

Howard Liu
Erika Lopez Smith
Rose Martin
John Martinez
Ella Matutis-Digal
Rebecca McCracken
Alejandro Medellin
Mohammad Mehdi
Joe Meissler
Alex Melik
Maria Mendoza
Aaron Merlob
Sara Metwalli
Aghogho Monorien
Walter Mount
Sam Nelson
Michael Nystrom
Oluwatobi Oladipo
Alex Olteanu
Ezemonye Omereji
Daniel Palacio
Christian Pascual
Kevin Perez
Jessica Petrella
Berry Philips
Dusty Phillips
Gennaro Piccolo
Doug Pietrzak
Prasann Prem

Minerva Rodriguez
Thereasa Roy
Artur Sannikov
Bella Scicluna
Arjun Sethu
Walter Sheilds
Mark Shipman
Darla Shockley
Spiro Sideris
Octavio Silveria
Vikash Singh
Morgan Smith-Lenyard
Adam Spannbauer
Sahil Sunny
Karl Taylor
Eleanor Thomas
Attila Toth
Joseph Trollo
Thomas Vandal
Sebastian Vetter
Anjushree Vijayashankar
Michal Weizman
Roger Welch
Tiffany White
Olivier Wittorski
Maria Yu

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