Command Line: Intermediate

In our command line intermediate course, you'll build on your command line beginner skills and learn to interact with the command line in a way that supercharges your data analysis workflow. You will concepts such as how to pipe and redirect output into a file, how to search files for a string, and how to clean, explore, and consolidate data using the command line.

You will also learn to work with Jupyter console, an enhanced Python interpreter, to iteratively develop scripts. And you’ll learn how to clean and explore data using csvkit, a suite of command line tools for converting to and working with CSV formats.

Then you’ll build a project that combines your Python data skills with your new command line expertise, and write Python scripts to compute summary statistics and then run the scripts directly from the command line.

When you finish this course, you’ll have the skills and the confidence you need to use the command line to do all sorts of things...including adding "UNIX Command Line" to your data science resume!

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Efficiently use the Jupyter console, an enhanced Python interpreter.
  • Process and clean data using the command line.

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Learn More About The Command Line

Working With Programs

Learn how to work with programs from the command line.

Command Line Python Scripting

Learn how to work with Python scripts from the command line.

Challenge: Working With The Command Line

Practice creating and running a Python script from the command line.

Working With Jupyter Console

Learn how to work with the Jupyter console, an enhanced Python interpreter.

Piping and Redirecting Output

Learn how to pipe and redirect output on the command line.

Challenge: Data Munging Using The Command Line

Practice using the command line to munge datasets.

Data Cleaning and Exploration Using Csvkit

Learn how to use the csvkit command line library to explore and clean CSV datasets.

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