Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough

In our Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough course, you will get a lot of practice applying your Python data cleaning skills and as we walk you through a real-world data cleaning project from start to finish.

In the first three lessons of the course, you will walk through each ‘phase’ of the data cleaning and visualization process. You’ll learn how to combine multiple related data sets to create a single data set that is ready for analysis. You will also learn how to compute correlations in pandas, and we’ll cover how correlations can help you understand some of your data better.

After analyzing and visualizing the data, you’ll build a final portfolio project by performing additional analysis using maps and visualizations.

When you’ve gotten through these lessons, you’ll be able to showcase your data cleaning skills to your future employers and you’ll feel confident in your ability to clean and combine messy datasets.

But that’s not the final challenge! Next, you’ll test your data cleaning skills by cleaning up after the Avengers. If you’re able to complete this challenge, you’ll dive into yet another guided project analyzing survey data to better understand Star Wars fans. In this project, you will get a chance to compute summary statistics and map column values in pandas.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Walk through a data cleaning project from start to finish.
  • Implement your data cleaning skills on even the messiest of datasets.

Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough Lessons List

Data Cleaning Walkthrough

Learn how to explore and clean multiple data files.

Data Cleaning Walkthrough: Combining the Data

Learn how to combine multiple data sets to get a single, clean data set.

Data Cleaning Walkthrough: Analyzing and Visualizing the Data

Learn how to analyze and visualize real-world data.

Analyzing NYC High School Data

Perform additional analysis on a clean data set through maps and visualizations.

Challenge: Cleaning Data

Test your data munging skills by cleaning up after the Avengers.

Star Wars Survey

Use survey data to better understand Star Wars fans.