“The learning paths on Dataquest are incredible. They give you a direction through the learning process – you don’t have to guess what to learn next.”

Otávio Silveira

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Path overview

Gain the skills necessary for working with AI, from automating tasks to engaging with LLMs via API in Python, and progress to building AI-driven applications. This path is essential for professionals aiming to integrate AI into their toolkit.

Key skills

  • Developing core Python programming skills for AI-related tasks in Python
  • Learning to interface with large language models through APIs to automate and enhance workflows
  • Gaining the skills to construct and operate AI-driven chatbots using effective prompt engineering
  • Designing and implement AI-powered web applications with practical functionality

Path outline

Part 1: Fundamentals of Python and Generative AI [3 courses]

AI Chatbots: Harnessing the Power of Large Language Models with Chandra 6h

  • Understand the basics of AI, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and chatbots.
  • Learn how to craft effective prompts and interact with chatbots to improve learning outcomes.
  • Explore practical use cases for AI chatbots in education, work, and personal projects.
  • Gain hands-on experience using Chandra on the Dataquest platform.

Introduction to Python Programming 10h

  • Save and update values using variables
  • Process numerical data and text data
  • Create and update lists using Python
  • Repeat a process using a for loop
  • Use logical and comparison operators to apply conditions to variables

Python Dictionaries, APIs, and Functions 10h

  • Create and update dictionaries
  • Use an API to get information from the web
  • Create your own functions
  • Complete a project using Jupyter Notebook

Part 2: Intermediate Python and APIs [3 courses]

Intermediate Python 8h

  • Use object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Create and use decorators
  • Write regular expressions (regex)
  • Incorporate error handling for user input validation

Tooling Essentials for Python Users 10h

  • Master essential command-line tools to navigate, manage, and manipulate files and directories.
  • Understand and implement virtual environments and environment variables to manage Python packages and configurations.
  • Gain proficiency in using Git for version control to track changes, collaborate on projects, and manage code.
  • Evaluate, select, and set up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to enhance productivity and streamline the Python development process.

APIs and Web Scraping for AI Applications 8h

  • Utilize APIs with GET requests.
  • Master API query parameters, pagination, and JSON handling for AI applications in Python.
  • Understand and apply various API authentication methods for AI data access.
  • Learn ethical web scraping with Python.

Part 3: Working with Large Language Models in Python [2 courses]

Prompting Large Language Models in Python 8h

  • Utilize OpenAI's Chat Completions API to generate tailored AI-driven responses
  • Manage conversation histories to maintain context in AI conversations
  • Create custom Python functions for dynamic interactions with large language models
  • Learn prompt engineering techniques to guide AI responses effectively
  • Regulate token usage within the OpenAI API framework for efficient scripting
  • Adopt best practices in prompt engineering to improve the quality of AI-generated text

Designing Dynamic Python Applications with Streamlit 8h

  • Grasp the essentials of Streamlit for interactive web app development.
  • Create user-friendly interfaces with Streamlit's array of widgets.
  • Manage application state for dynamic user experiences.
  • Integrate AI LLM models for responsive chatbots.
  • Leverage Streamlit's latest chat widgets for effective communication.

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Challenge yourself with exercises

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Showcase your path certification

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Projects in this path

Guided Project: Build a Food Ordering App

For this project, you’ll become a restaurant owner building a Python food ordering app. You’ll use dictionaries, loops, and functions to create an interactive system for viewing menus, modifying carts, and placing orders.

Guided Project: Garden Simulator Text Based Game

For this project, you’ll step into the role of a Python game developer to create an interactive text-based “Garden Simulator” using object-oriented programming, error handling, and randomness.

Project: Selecting and Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

For this project, you’ll become a Python developer and set up your local coding environment. You’ll install an IDE like VS Code or PyCharm and Python, then create and run your first script, building essential skills for real programming tasks.

Guided Project: Developing a Dynamic AI Chatbot

For this project, you’ll become a developer at a tech company, using Python and the OpenAI API to create an engaging AI chatbot. You’ll gain skills in conversation management, persona creation, and token handling as you build a chatbot that adapts to different platforms.

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