Create a data-driven organization

Hands-on learning that will give your team real-world skills they can apply fast.

Dataquest gives your team access to the training they need to master everything from beginner data analytics concepts to advanced data visualization and machine learning.

Whether your team members are just starting out or already have advanced knowledge, the Dataquest platform will help them build new skills fast. We’ve created clear learning paths that help users progress from one skill to the next in a logical way, so no time is wasted.

Looking to empower your students? Check out Dataquest for Academic Institutions.

Dataquest enables learners at businesses across the globe:

Why Dataquest?

We created Dataquest because we saw a need to push beyond the passive learning experience, driven by video lectures, that tricks students into thinking they're learning.

Our hands-on, real-world approach challenges students, improves retention, and makes students accountable for learning.

Let us set up a free pilot for your team. Give it a try, and you'll find our learning experience speaks for itself!

“Dataquest is fundamentally changing the way we do our work.”

David Damberger, Chief Data Officer, M-Kopa

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the team need any special hardware or software to access the Business plan?

No. The Dataquest business platform is cloud-based. We do not require any special hardware or software configuration to use the business platform.

Can we use the Business plan behind a firewall?

Yes, the Dataquest platform works behind corporate firewalls.

Are completion certificates offered for team members?

Yes, your team members will receive a certificate for each course they complete.

Can the team try the Business plan without a pilot?

Yes! You can sign up for a Free individual account and try out our courses here.

What is the minimum number of team members needed for a Business plan?

A minimum of five (5) team members is required for a Dataquest Business plan. If you do not have five team members, please talk to us about a startup/small team plan.

How long will implementation take?

The Dataquest for Business platform does not require any special tools or setup. A member of our support team will be assigned as a point of contact to assist you in getting your team up and running. Our goal is to get the business platform implemented as swiftly and efficiently as possible, so your team can get started right away!

What kind of technical support is offered for a Business plan?

Businesses on our Premium plan get access to our premium support team, who are available via an email ticketing system to help your team with any technical issues related to your use of the platform.