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Data Science Projects

Discover a wide variety of guided projects that let you work with real data in real-world scenarios while learning and applying new data science skills. Our projects are designed by experienced data scientists and reflect the challenges faced in the field. They guide you through the process, challenge your skills, and offer flexibility to add your own twist.

You can complete each project right in your browser, or you can download the data set to your computer and work locally! If you work on our site, you’ll also be able to download your code at any time so that you can continue locally, or upload your project to GitHub.

Prompting Large Language Models in Python

Guided Project: Developing a Dynamic AI Chatbot

In this guided project, you’ll develop a dynamic AI chatbot from scratch, showcasing your abil...
Tooling Essentials for Python Users

Project: Selecting and Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

In this lesson, you’ll learn about Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), with a special ...
Intermediate Python

Guided Project: Garden Simulator Text Based Game

Create a gardening game. From foraging seeds to nurturing plants and selling the produce, every acti...
Python Functions and Jupyter Notebook

Project: Learn and Install Jupyter Notebook

Learn the basics of Jupyter Notebook
Python Dictionaries, APIs, and Functions

Guided Project: Build a Food Ordering App

Create a functional and interactive food ordering application using Python. You’ll use diction...
Natural Language Processing for Deep Learning

Guided Project: Classifying Disaster-Related Tweets as Real or Fake

Build a deep learning text classification model to predict whether a given tweet is about a real dis...
Convolutional Neural Networks for Deep Learning

Guided Project: Detect Pneumonia Using X-Ray Images with CNNs and Transfer Learning

Build and train multiple deep learning models to detect pneumonia in images of chest X-rays. 
Sequence Models for Deep Learning

Guided Project: Time-Series Forecasting on the S&P 500

Build, train, and evaluate an LSTM model with a convolutional layer for S&P 500 index (stock) pr...
Introduction to Python Programming

Guided Project: Kaggle Data Science Survey

For this project, we’ll act as a data analyst for Kaggle. Kaggle surveyed a large population of da...
Introduction to Deep Learning in TensorFlow

Guided Project: Predicting Listing Gains in the Indian IPO Market Using TensorFlow

Build a deep learning model to predict the listing gains of IPOs in the Indian market.
Sharing Insights in Tableau

Guided Project: Data Presentation

A guided project to finish the data presentation module.
Data Visualization Fundamentals in Tableau

Guided Project: Business Intelligence Plots

Practice creating data visualizations in this guided project.

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