Data Science Projects

If you’re learning data science, you’re probably on the lookout for cool data science projects. Look no further! We have a wide variety of guided projects that’ll get you working with real data in real-world scenarios while also helping you learn and apply new data science skills.

The projects in the list below are also designed to help you get a job! Each project was designed by a data scientist on our content team, and they’re representative examples of the real projects working data analysts and data scientists do every day. They’re designed to guide you through the process while also challenging your skills, and they’re open-ended so that you can put your own twist on each project and use it for your data science portfolio.

You can complete each project right in your browser, or you can download the data set to your computer and work locally! If you work on our site, you’ll also be able to download your code at any time so that you can continue locally, or upload your project to GitHub.

The sky is the limit here and what you decide to look into further is completely up to you and your imagination!

Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees

Learn how to create a presententation ready visualization and export it

Practice Optimizing Dataframe And Processing In Chunks

Practice optimizing dataframe types and working in chunks

Answering Business Questions Using SQL

Learn and practice the SQL data analysis workflow.

Building a Handwritten Digits Classifier

Learn the basics of image classification to build a handwriting classifier.

Creating A Kaggle Workflow

Learn how to create and use a machine learning workflow with Kaggle's Titanic competition.

Analyzing NYC High School Data

Perform additional analysis on a clean data set through maps and visualizations.

Transforming Data With Python

Transform and work with data by writing Python scripts.

Exploring Hacker News Posts

Practice using loops, cleaning strings, and working with dates in Python.

Analyzing Wikipedia Pages

Use threads and processes to analyze Wikipedia pages more quickly.

Predicting Bike Rentals

Apply decision trees and random forests to predict the number of bike rentals.

Hacker News Pipeline

Learn how to use a data pipeline to summarize Hacker News data.

Analyzing Startup Fundraising Deals From Crunchbase

Practice analyzzing data using the pandas SQLite workflow

Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

Learn how to use pandas to quickly create visualizations.

Designing and Creating A Database

Learn how to design, create, and populate a normalizeed SQL database.

Investigating Airplane Accidents

Use search algorithms and data structures to explroe airplane accident data.

Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQLite and Python

Practice the Python SQLite workflow using CIA Factbook data.

Predicting Car Prices

Practice the machine learning workflow using k-nearest neighbors to predict car prices.

Star Wars Survey

Use survey data to better understand Star Wars fans.

Finding The Best Markets To Advertise In

Analyze a company's data to determine the best market to advertise an e-Learning product.

Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQLite and R

Practice the R SQLite workflow using CIA Factbook data.

Analyzing Stock Prices

Use the correct data structures to analyze stock prices efficiently.

Predicting House Sale Prices

Practice building and improvinglinear regression models.

Investigating Fandango Movie Ratings

Analyze movie rating data to determine if Fandango is inflating movie ratings.

Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys

Practice data cleaning using pandas.

Implementing A Key-Value Database

Use a B-Tree to implement a key-value datastore in Python.

Predicting the Stock Market

Use machine larning techniques to predict the price of the S&P500.

Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Practice data claning and data exploration using pandas.

Winning Jeopardy

Learn to analyze text while figuring out strategies to win at Jeopardy.

Working With Data Downloads

Use the command line to extract and manipulate data from the Internet.

Profitable App Profiles For The App Store and Google Play Markets

Use Python Fundamentals to determine the most profitable app and make recommendations.

Sending Storm Data

Learn how to work on a real life example of storing a complex dataset in a Postgres database.