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Everything Dataquest showed me, I use in my new job.

- Dataquest student Carlos Cutillas de Frutos

Looking to learn data science? You can do it online, on your own, with our online data science courses. We'll teach you what you need to know to get a job in data science. And you'll learn quickly thanks to our interactive platform, which lets you apply every new skill as you learn it, and checks your answers to give you quick feedback about your progress.

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Our paths are carefully constructed data science course sequences designed to help you get the job skills you need, even if you have no background in programming, statistics, or data.

Each path starts from scratch and each course builds on what you've learned previously, so that you can move quickly and easily through the curriculum without having to waste time filling in prerequisites or figuring out what to learn next.

All the courses in our paths are designed to teach you the skills and knowledge you'll need for real data science work. From the get-go, you'll be working with real-world data to answer meaningful questions. And you'll be learning modern, production ready code that makes use of the popular packages and libraries used by working data scientists.

Learn R programming and SQL, along with the other skills you'll need to be qualified for work as a data analyst.

Learn Python programming and SQL, along with the other skills you'll need to be qualified for work as a data analyst.

Learn Python programming, SQL, machine learning, a the variety of  other skills you'll need to find work as a data scientist.

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Why Dataquest?


The Dataquest platform in a nutshell.

It's hard to learn by watching other people code. 

On Dataquest, you'll be doing all of the coding yourself — right from your browser window!

At each step of your journey, you'll be asked to apply what you're learning by writing code, and your answers are checked instantly to make sure you're on the right track.

Throughout this path, you'll go from writing basic Python snippets like for loops to working with popular data science packages like pandas and scikit-learn.

And as you do it all, you'll be working with real-world data to solve real data science problems

Become a Data Scientist - Read Real Dataquest Student Stories


When I got the interview, I was told that my application had stood out — especially when it came to the technical interview for data analytics. 


Dataquest is so convenient. [After] I put my new skills on my CV, I feel like I got more interest because many companies are looking for Python and SQL. 


[Before using Dataquest,] I was clueless about everything you were teaching. I've learned so much. Finding Dataquest was life-changing

  • 96% of Dataquest students say they'd recommend Dataquest for career advancement.
  • Students who used their Dataquest skills at work saw a median salary increase of $12k.
  • 88% of students used Dataquest as their primary or only learning source.

If you'd like to learn more, you can dig deeper into the data from our survey (n = 766) of Dataquest students. You can also read more Dataquest student stories here.

The mountains of "big data" collected by companies, devices, and governments, are only going to grow larger. That's why we think it's more important than ever for today's professionals to learn data skills and advance their data literacy. Our interactive, online data science courses are the best way to learn those skills while being able to quickly and easily apply what you've learned and confirm your answers, all from within your browser.

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