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Course overview

Learn about essential tooling specifically tailored for Python enthusiasts. Starting with the basics, you’ll navigate and manage files seamlessly using the command line, turning tasks that once seemed tedious into second nature. You’ll then explore virtual environments and environment variables, ensuring that your Python projects remain isolated and customizable.

Transitioning into the importance of version control, you’ll harness Git’s power to track your code changes, work collaboratively with peers, and maintain a systematic history of your projects. Lastly, understanding that the right workspace can make all the difference, you’ll evaluate and set up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that complements your Python development needs.

Best of all, you’ll learn by doing — tackling hands-on exercises and getting feedback directly in the browser. Concluding the course, you’ll have the confidence and skills to tackle Python projects with an enhanced and efficient toolset.

Key skills

  • Navigating and managing files using the command line
  • Implementing virtual environments and managing environment variables
  • Utilizing Git for effective version control
  • Evaluating and setting up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Course outline

Tooling Essentials for Python Users [5 lessons]

Command Line Basics: Navigating and Managing Files 2h

Lesson Objectives
  • Explain the importance of command-line proficiency
  • Navigate directories using the command-line interface
  • Create, copy, move, rename, and delete files and directories
  • Execute common command-line commands

Command Line Basics: Searching, Editing, and Permissions 2h

Lesson Objectives
  • Manage file content by displaying, creating, and appending text files
  • Use wildcards and redirection operators to manipulate command-line output
  • Search for files and content within files using powerful search utilities
  • Modify file permissions and ownership to control access and execute privileges
  • Create and execute a Python script from the command line

Virtual Environments and Environment Variables in the Command Line 2h

Lesson Objectives
  • Understand the concept and significance of virtual environments in Python development
  • Create, activate, deactivate, and delete a Python virtual environment using the command line
  • Understand the principle of environment variables and their importance in web development
  • Set and use environment variables in the command line
  • Handle common issues and troubleshooting with virtual environments and environment variables

Git Basics in the Command Line 2h

Lesson Objectives
  • Comprehend the fundamental principles and advantages of using Git as a version control system
  • Demonstrate the ability to install, configure, and initialize a Git repository using the command line
  • Apply basic Git commands for staging, committing changes, and viewing commit histories
  • Differentiate between Git branches, and practice creating, switching, merging, and deleting branches
  • Manage remote repositories by adding, fetching, pulling, and pushing changes, and adeptly resolve merge conflicts when they arise

Project: Selecting and Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 2h

Lesson Objectives
  • Identify the importance and role of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) in Python development
  • Explain the unique features and benefits of using VS Code and PyCharm for Python development
  • Install and configure Python and a chosen IDE on the local machine to set up a development environment
  • Create, run, and debug a simple Python script within the chosen IDE, applying concepts of variables and loops

Projects in this course

Project: Selecting and Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

For this project, you’ll become a Python developer and set up your local coding environment. You’ll install an IDE like VS Code or PyCharm and Python, then create and run your first script, building essential skills for real programming tasks.

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