Storytelling Through Data Visualization

Every dataset has a story to tell, but even the cleanest and most uniform rows and columns aren’t enough to tell the story in a compelling way. So when you want to motivate data-driven action, you need a powerful method for presenting actionable data. That method is data visualization, and it’s a critical skill for data professionals of all specializations.In this course, you’ll learn how to use Python libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Basemap to transform raw data into compelling and actionable visualizations. By understanding the most common data visualization techniques, you’ll be able to use Python to generate beautiful, insightful, and meaningful visuals that will give new life to your data.

This course focuses on:

  • Introducing common data visualization concepts and techniques in Python.
  • Building proficiency in Python libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Basemap
  • Optimizing your creation and presentation of persuasive data visualizations.

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What You’ll Learn

This Storytelling Through Data Visualization course will teach you how to draw out the story that lies buried in your dataset. Going beyond simple graphs, you’ll learn how to use the Seaborn data visualization library to create outstanding and insightful visualizations.

You’ll discover how the use of color, “data-ink” ratio, and data layout impact your presentations. We’ll even give you tips on how and when to annotate your visualizations, along with other tricks to help you master the art of data visualization.

Enroll in this course if you want to do the following:

  • Improve the look of your graphs
  • Leverage common data visualization techniques
  • Use color to your advantage and learn other best practices
  • Uncover the data-ink ratio for plots
  • Learn the importance of your data layout
  • Provide additional context for data visualization using annotations
  • Practice your data presentation skills and master the art of the chart
  • Export your data using matplotlib
  • Learn about the Seaborn data visualization library
  • Tackle the challenges of visualizing geographic data like latitude/longitude
  • Display geographic data on a world map
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Python is the most popular programming language to learn in 2021 per PYPL

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How Our Storytelling Through Data Visualization Course Works

Data visualization is an invaluable skill in data science, especially for data analysts and data scientists. Not everyone can intuitively understand the insights contained in a dataset, which is why data visualization is so ubiquitous and necessary. We want to see you flourish in a data science career, so we’ve made this data visualization course to help you get there. This particular course is for intermediate Python users and it builds upon the essentials covered in our previous Python visualization lessons.

Here at Dataquest, it’s our mission to help you level up your data science career skills. That’s why we believe in learning by doing. With us, you’ll never have to sit through boring “training” videos or ineffective memorization exercises. With Dataquest, you’ll acquire, refine, and retain in-demand data visualization skills by solving real problems with real code starting on day one!

In this Storytelling Through Data Visualization course, you’ll learn quickly and efficiently by completing our hands-on, interactive lessons, practice problems, and guided projects. You’ll be digging into real-world datasets and visualizing insights from the Department of Education. Here, you’ll learn the unique challenges of plotting geographical data using a public flight dataset.

One of the biggest perks of learning with Dataquest is the ability to build a compelling project portfolio. We know that one of the first and most important things hiring managers and employers look for in a candidate is a portfolio that demonstrates the skills for the job. That’s why all of our courses culminate in a portfolio project! Our projects challenge you to synthesize and implement your new skills in solving real-world problems.

Additionally, with Dataquest, you’ll join our thriving and supportive community of data students and professionals. That way, you’ll never learn alone! And if you ever need extra help, our powerful and responsive support tools are just a click away.

Here’s a glance at our Storytelling Through Data Visualization course:

Enroll in this course to learn Storytelling Through Data Visualization!

Storytelling Through Data Visualization Lessons List

Design for an Audience

Learn how to improve how your plots look.

Storytelling Data Visualization

Learn how to use color, layout, and annotations to improve the viewing experience.

Matplotlib Styles: FiveThirtyEight Case Study

Learn how to create a presentation-ready visualization and export it.

Guided Project: Storytelling Data Visualization on Exchange Rates

You will learn how to, create a story using data, create data visualizations using brainstorming and sketching, create a narrative data visualization using Matplotlib.

Gestalt Principles and Pre-Attentive Attributes

You will learn how to, recognize patterns among distinct objects, create data visualizations using Gestalt principles, control attention using pre-attentive attributes

Who Is This Storytelling Through Data Visualization Course For?

This course was designed for intermediate Python users who already have a firm grasp of the basics of Python programming and data visualization. Whether you’re a data science newbie looking to expand your knowledge or a seasoned data scientist who wants to brush up on the basics, this course is for you!

We’ve designed this data visualization course to help as many people as possible:

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Qualify for In-demand Jobs in Data Visualization

Python is one of the world’s leading programming languages, and learning to use Python libraries like Seaborn for data visualization can be an extremely valuable skill to add to your repertoire.

By completing this course, you’ll develop in-demand data science career skills that will prepare you to enter any of the following positions in a variety of industries: