This course in our Data Analyst in R path will help you build on the R programming skills you've learned. It'll also help you take them online, using the Shiny package to build interactive data-based web apps.

While notebooks are a great format for sharing data work, they're not very easy to interact with for viewers who don't have programming skills. With the popular Shiny package, we can showcase our data work in a more attractive and accessible way: building interactive data-based dashboards and projects for the web!

In this course, you'll start by learning the fundamentals of working with Shiny. Then you'll dive into lessons on more complex topics, learning about programming server logic for Shiny, and then programming the UI for your interactive dashboards. The final lesson will show you some more ways to customize the design of things you build in Shiny, and cover how to get your apps online and shared

The Shiny course wraps up with a guided project that'll also be helpful for your career: you'll build a portfolio website for yourself using Shiny!

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Build a web-based portfolio site for your data work
  • Be able to set up a Shiny server and build apps
  • Understand how to program a UI to make interactive web dashboards in R

Shiny Dashboards in R Course — Lessons

Introduction to Shiny

Learn the fundamentals of the Shiny package for R.

Programming the User Interface

Continue building your Shiny app by programming the UI to make it interactive.

Programming Server Logic in Shiny

Start building your first Shiny app by programming the server logic.

Topics for Taking Shiny Further

Learn more about design and sharing options for Shiny projects.

Guided Project: Creating a Project Portfolio

Build yourself a web-based project portfolio to show off your R programming skills!

Frequently asked questions about this Shiny R course:

How long does the course take?

On Dataquest, you can learn at your own pace. There's no set course schedule you need to worry about.

Different learners work at different paces, but a typical learner might finish this course in a week to a month, depending on how much time they were able to dedicate to it.

Where are the videos?

We don't teach with videos. We think the best way to learn programming is to actually write code, not watch someone else write code.

Read more about the science behind our hands-on learning approach.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, and you should! Sign up for a free account and get started right now, right in your browser!

What is this R Shiny course useful for?

Your data is only as valuable as it is accessible and understandable to others. Often, the best way to communicate and share your data work will be via web-based visualizations.

This course will help you use your R skills to create interactive web-based dashboards and visualizations that can be shared with anyone!