In our introductory course on Python for data engineering, you’ll get an overview of the Python programming language and how you can use it for data engineering. You will learn to code using real-world mobile app data while learning key Python concepts such as lists and for loops. You’ll also learn how to update variables and how to work with different kinds of data.

By the end of this course, you'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of programming in Python
  • How to save values using variables
  • How to build for loops
  • How to work with lists in Python
  • How to use if, else, and elif statements

Note: this course is based on our introductory Python for Data science course, but as one of our Data Engineering courses, it has been adjusted to focus more on what data engineers need to know.

Learn Python for Data Engineering

Programming in Python

Learn the basics of programming in Python.

Variables and Data Types

Learn about variables and data types.

Lists and For Loops

Learn to analyze data using lists and for loops.

Conditional Statements

Learn to answer more granular questions using conditional statements.