Data Analyst in Python

The technical skills of a data analyst using Python are in massive demand in today’s growing, data-dependent world. This career path is great for beginners and professionals alike, as it starts with the fundamentals and works through advanced topics. Completing this path will set you up for success as a qualified, job-ready data analyst.

Write real code, and build coveted data analyst skills that’ll wow employers — all from the comfort of your browser and at your own pace.

  • Build your knowledge of basic and intermediate Python programming concepts
  • Study statistics, probabilities, and machine learning
  • Discover collaboration tools like Git and SQL databases

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What You’ll Learn

Learning data analysis and relevant topics on your own is difficult, confusing, and unmotivating. Dataquest is here to streamline that process. With our data analyst in Python path, we’ll guide you through each in-demand skill required to be efficient and job-ready as a data analyst. Our courses were chosen based on an analysis of real-world data analyst job postings, to ensure we’re covering all the right skills. And each course teaches with real data, challenging you to complete real-world data analysis projects just like the ones you’ll be confronting at work.

Here are the most sought-after data skills recruiters look for, and Dataquest teaches all of them:

  • Python programming
  • Data cleaning, analysis, and visualization
  • Web scraping, and APIs
  • Data analysis in business
  • SQL databases
  • Probability and statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Git & Version Control
  • Command-line/bash
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Data analysts average between \$68K to \$100K per year according to

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Over 120,000 open data analyst roles are listed on LinkedIn

Data analysts projected 20% growth between 2018 and 2028, according to Indeed

How Our Data Analyst in Python Career Path Works

By the time  you finish our program, you’ll have mastered all the skills required to become a data analyst. With our online data analysis courses, you’ll learn the Python fundamentals, dig into data analysis and data visualization using popular packages like pandas, query databases with SQL, and study statistics — among other things!

Navigating a new career path doesn’t have to be intimidating. Dataquest walks you through every step of the way . . . we don’t believe in boring, uninspiring videos. We provide hands-on and interactive teaching, so you’ll be engaged at every step. Not only will you learn in-demand skills, you’ll also have the opportunity to put them into practice.

If you have a hard time on a topic, or if you have any questions, we’re here with the support you need. Here’s a snapshot of our data analyst in Python path curriculum:

Enroll in this career path and become a data analyst in Python today!

Data Analyst in Python Course List

Variables, Data Types, and Lists in Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

Python Functions and Jupyter Notebook

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

For Loops and Conditional Statements in Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

Dictionaries, Frequency Tables, and Functions in Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

Python for Data Science Intermediate

Learn important Python data science skills.

Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals

Learn Pandas and NumPy for data science in Python. Join over a million students who learn science career skills with Dataquest. Start for free today!

Data Visualization Fundamentals

Create powerful, compelling data visualizations using Python. Join over a million students developing data science skills with Dataquest. Start for free today!

Storytelling Through Data Visualization

Learn storytelling data visualization, information design principles, and advanced graph customization in Matplotlib.

Python Data Cleaning and Analysis

Learn how to clean and combine datasets, then practice your skills.

Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced

Optimize your data analysis workflow using Python. Learn data science career skills with Dataquest. Join over a million data learners. Start for free today!

Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough

Learn how to clean and combine datasets, then practice your skills.

Elements of the Command Line

Covers what the command line is and why it’s useful.

Text Processing in the Command Line

Covers how to read documentation, and how to use standard streams together with redirection and pipelines to facilitate text processing.

SQL Fundamentals

Learn the basics of working with SQL databases.

Intermediate SQL for Data Analysis

Learn to work with multi-table databases.

APIs and Web Scraping in Python

Learn how to acquire data from APIs and the web.

Data Analysis in Business

Technical skill is required to work in the field of data science, but data analyst and data scientist roles are not purely technical. A data professional must be able to function effectively in the broader context of a business. Working with data in a business context means communicating and collaborating with non-technical coworkers. It means […]

Statistics Fundamentals

Learn about sampling, variables, and distributions.

Statistics Intermediate in R: Averages and Variability

Learn how to summarize distributions using the mean, the median, and the mode. Learn to measure variability using variance or standard deviation, and how to locate and compare values using z-scores.

Probability: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of probability theory using Python.

Conditional Probability

Learn about conditional probability, Bayes’ theorem, and Naive Bayes.

Hypothesis Testing: Fundamentals

Learn more advanced statistical concepts, including A/B tests and chi-squared tests for more powerful data analysis.

Command Line Intermediate

Builds on your command line beginner skills and covers interacting with the command line in a way that supercharges your data analysis workflow

Git and Version Control

Covers what Git is and how it’s helpful in the context of data analysis and data science work. This will take you from fundamentals to installing Git.

Who is this Data Analyst in Python Career Path For?

The data analyst in Python career path starts with the fundamentals and then builds advanced skills. You don’t need any experience to start, and all skill levels are welcome.

This career path is for individuals ready for a career change, data professionals looking to enhance their skills for the next promotion, and college students who want a massive head start in their data careers.