September 21, 2018

How Pol Brigneti got a Data Analyst job using Dataquest at Belgrave Valley

When Pol Brigneti started his career after studying Business Management at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, he had no idea what data analytics was. After working as an intern for Ridelink he quickly discovered the importance of data analysis and realized that to acheive his goal of one day being a Product Manager he would need excellent data analytics skills.

In April of 2018 he traveled to London to attend a bootcamp at Belgrave Valley. Belgrave uses Dataquest in their ciriculumn to help their student learn python for data analytics. After an intense two months working on Dataquest at Belgrave Valley, Pol dove into job hunting. Projects from both Dataquest and Belgrave allowed him to build a GitHub portfolio to present to possible employers. Almost every interview also required a coding test, usually Python or SQL — luckily, his studies had prepared him well.

“Dataquest is a really simple platform that makes learning data analysis very easy.” – Read Pol’s full story about his time at Belgrave Valley here.

He landed a job as a data analyst at in London, an online payment and FinTech company. He’s on the BI team, frequently using Python, and will be using SQL. He really enjoys FinTech, and looks forward to learning more about cryptocurrency and how it can disrupt FinTech. He’s also teaching at Belgrave and enjoys introducing new students to Dataquest, and helping them move through it.

Pol’s advice to new learners not to get discouraged — it can be hard to start thinking in a programmatic way. “Don’t get freaked out if you get stuck. It’s normal. Once you hit the point when it all clicks, and that moment will come, it’s a great feeling.”

Charlie Custer

About the author

Charlie Custer

Charlie is a student of data science, and also a content marketer at Dataquest. In his free time, he's learning to mountain bike and making videos about it.

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