Ana Santana’s Data Analytics Career Journey

Data Architect
Ana Santana

Ana Santana's Data Analytics Career Journey

Ana Santana’s Data Analytics Career Journey

Data Architect

Ana Santana, Data Architect

Meet Ana Santana, a dedicated Data Analytics professional from São Paulo, Brazil. Her love for data and commitment to ongoing learning are helping her work toward becoming a leader in her field. Ana’s experience with Dataquest shows how focused learning can really help grow your career.

Journey Before Dataquest

Journey Before Dataquest Ana’s educational background in Information Systems and her postgraduate degree in Information Systems Management laid a solid foundation for her career. “In all the professional activities I have undertaken so far, they were closely related to data, and the quality of the final result was influenced by the interpretation of data,” Ana shares. This early exposure to the critical role of data in decision-making sparked her interest in further honing her skills.

Current Role and Career Aspirations

In 2022, Ana embarked on a new chapter in her career in Data Analytics, securing her position through a competitive selection process where she demonstrated her practical skills. Looking ahead, she has set her sights high. “I want to grow to the level of Head in the next 10 years, and knowing how to understand and work with data will take me there,” Ana states, underlining her ambitious career goals.

Choosing Dataquest

Ana chose Dataquest’s Data Scientist path, driven by her desire to achieve mastery in data science. Her choice was influenced by her learning style preferences and professional objectives. “I love the teaching method at Dataquest. I don’t like videos, and Dataquest’s interactive, hands-on approach suits me perfectly,” Ana explains.

Impact of Dataquest

Ana’s role in Data Analytics has been significantly enriched by her learning experience at Dataquest. She has become adept at breaking down complex data scenarios into understandable concepts, a skill highly valued in her field. “Translating something complex into something simple is what I’m known for at work, and Dataquest has sharpened this ability,” Ana notes.

Advice for Dataquest Learners

For those considering a similar path, Ana recommends embracing the flexible and engaging learning format offered by Dataquest. “Don’t limit your learning because of your job or family commitments. Dataquest’s format can fit into any schedule,” she advises, encouraging others to pursue their learning goals without hesitation.


Ana Santana’s story is a vivid illustration of how targeted learning in data science can pave the way for significant career advancement. Her journey with Dataquest not only reinforced her existing skills but also opened up new avenues for professional growth. Ana’s story is an inspiration, showing that with the right resources and dedication, achieving lofty career goals is not just a dream but a very achievable reality.

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