From Policy Studies to Data Analytics

Data Analyst
Priscilla Nkechi Egbo

From Policy Studies to Data Analytics

From Policy Studies to Data Analytics

Data Analyst


Meet Priscilla Nkechi Egbo from Nigeria, a dedicated learner whose background in Policy Studies and Administration led her to discover the fascinating world of data. Her journey through Dataquest’s Data Analyst Path not only fulfilled her expectations but proved to her that with determination, anything can be achieved.

Journey Before Dataquest

Priscilla majored in Policy Studies and Administration, a field that demanded extensive research and data analysis. She found that policy formulation and implementation were deeply intertwined with data, sparking her interest in diving deeper into Data Science. She explains, “Policy formation, Implementation and Analyzing revolve around Data. This got me interested to dive deep into Data Science.”

Choosing Dataquest

With a goal to become a Problem Solver through data insights, Priscilla chose the Data Analyst Path at Dataquest. She wanted to help organizations grow and retain their business. Drawn to Dataquest’s beginner-friendly and user-friendly approach, she found it to be the right choice. The structured path and interactive learning environment aligned with her ambition, making it a seamless decision for her educational jour

The Learning Process

Priscilla’s dedication to learning is evident. While she doesn’t quantify the time she devoted, she acknowledges that she forwent other activities to focus on her studies. Her expectations were clear from the beginning, and she proudly achieved them, becoming a qualified Data Analyst by the end of the programme. “I expected to become a qualified Data Analyst by the end of the programme and I achieved it,” she affirms.

The Dataquest Experience 

Priscilla highlights the beginner-friendly nature of Dataquest and its role in preparing her for her future job. One of her proudest achievements is an Excel project where she utilized VLOOKUP, PivotTables, and more to reshape data. Reflecting on her learning journey, she says– “It went Smoothly. It was Educating. It was Encouraging. It was Topnotch.”

Impact and Future Prospects

Learning data science with Dataquest has had a profound impact on Priscilla’s life. She feels empowered by her ability to achieve her goals and is proud of the skills, knowledge, and certificates she has acquired. Her next step? Applying her expertise as she embarks on her professional journey.

Advice for Future Learners

For those about to take the plunge into data science, Priscilla offers some wisdom: “Map out goals to achieve, be determined and focus. Be Passionate about the new career and about achieving your goals in the career path.”


Priscilla’s journey from Policy Studies to mastering data analytics is a testament to her drive, passion, and belief in her capabilities. Her transformation into a Data Analyst is not just an inspiring achievement; it’s a promising start to a career filled with potential. Priscilla’s story is an encouraging reminder that a clear vision and the right resources can indeed make dreams come true.

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