Leila Saffarian’s Transition: Network Expert to Data Analyst

Network Manager
Leila Saffarian

Leila Saffarian's Transition: Network Expert to Data Analyst

Leila Saffarian’s Transition: Network Expert to Data Analyst

Network Manager

Meet Leila Saffarian

With a background in programming and network administration, she found a new direction with data science. Through Dataquest, she built a formidable foundation in data analysis, highlighting, “I didn’t know anything about data science before, but now, I can analyze many databases.”

Before Dataquest

Leila’s technical journey began as a programmer and transitioned to network administration 12 years ago. While her current role is rewarding, she wanted to pivot towards data analysis. Her prior exposure to Python and data analysis on other platforms led her to seek more in-depth knowledge, which brought her to Dataquest.

Why Dataquest?

Upon choosing Dataquest, Leila was seeking a platform that would take her from “zero to job-ready.” Her experience didn’t disappoint. “Dataquest is good at showing details. It teaches every function and method in detail and where it should be used,” she comments. She felt that the text-based lessons with an embedded environment were precisely what she needed.

Learning Experience

For Leila, every Dataquest project was a source of pride, especially the guided ones designed for beginners. She appreciated the structured learning path and ensured she dedicated time to study daily. “Yes, I studied every day and every time that I was free,” Leila recalls.

Skills in Action

While her current role as a network administrator doesn’t directly involve data science, she remains enthusiastic about integrating her new skills soon. She proudly mentions, “Becoming a data analyst has been a significant achievement for me.”

Advice for Dataquest Learners

For those considering a data science path, Leila’s advice is clear: “Begin your journey with Dataquest.”


Leila Saffarian showcases how one can pivot and adapt in their career. Starting as a programmer, transitioning to network administration, and now gearing up for a role in data analysis, she has shown that it’s never too late to adapt and grow. Through Dataquest, she has found the tools and resources necessary to fuel her passion for data and looks forward to a future filled with data-driven accomplishments.

Eager for a career transformation like Leila but not sure where to start? Dataquest’s Junior Data Analyst path is your way in – no prior tech knowledge needed.

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Sunishchal Dev

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