How Dataquest Helped a Philologist Find Her Passion in Data

Data Scientist @ Fractal Analytics
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How Dataquest Helped a Philologist Find Her Passion in Data


How Dataquest Helped a Philologist Find Her Passion in Data

Data Scientist @ Fractal Analytics

Viktoria Jorayeva, Data Scientist

Viktoria Jorayeva started out as philologist specializing in Persian, but as she began working in translation, she realized that online translators were studying just the way she had — in the pursuit of a perfect machine translator. That’s when she realized she wanted to do something more progressive — something scientific. She needed a more modern profession, and that meant learning data science.

Learning with Dataquest

Jorayeva had a non-technical, non-mathematical background, so she needed something that would help her break into the data science field as painlessly as possible.

She chose the data scientist career path at Dataquest. It seemed like a perfect fit for her needs, and she considered data science one of the most progressive and well-paid professions at the time. At Dataquest, Jorayeva learned Python, SQL, data analysis, data visualization, and statistics, and she feels that the platform helped her dream come true, even without a technical education:

At Dataquest, I chose the ‘Data Scientist’ path and started to learn Python and SQL, data analytics, and visualization, and before I could get to machine learning, I was offered a job.

Jorayeva attributes her success with Dataquest to how easily and clearly such complex material is presented. Learning statistics and programming did not come naturally to her, but she felt that Dataquest explained these concepts more clearly than all other resources — “It is understandable even for a person without specialized education.”

Advice for Learners

Jorayeva believes there is nothing in the world that you cannot learn! “In short, everything is simple — you take around three hours to study every day, and voila — you get your dream job. I studied on Dataquest for only four months, and then the company took me for an internship. You just need diligence; Dataquest has already done everything else for you.”

Dataquest makes your hard
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Otávio Silveira

"The learning paths on Dataquest are incredible. You don’t have to guess what you should learn next."

Coach To Data Analyst

Francisco Sosa

"Dataquest finds a balance between being too easy and being so hard that you get discouraged."

HR To Data Scientist

Viktoria Jorayeva

"I can’t believe how easily and clearly complex material is presented on Dataquest."

Linguist To Data Scientist

Sunishchal Dev

"The lessons are easy to absorb. Dataquest helped me get my dream job!"

IT To Data Scientist

Stacey Ustian

"Dataquest teaches you how you do data analysis in the real world."

Librarian To Data Engineer

Rahila Hashim

"Dataquest is my favorite learning platform."

Zoologist to Data Scientist

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