Christian L'Heureux

Christian L’Heureux on the Importance of Data Science Projects

Sr. Data Scientist @
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Christian L’Heureux on the Importance of Data Science Projects

Christian L'Heureux

Christian L’Heureux on the Importance of Data Science Projects

Sr. Data Scientist @

Christian L’Heureux, Data Scientist

When it comes to learning data science, working on projects is huge. The number one way to learn something is by trying it yourself, and that’s where data science projects come in.

For data science learner Christian L’Heureux, it’s the main reason he landed at DataQuest.

Learning Data Analysis

L’Heureux credits Dataquest with helping him develop his data analysis skills and landing the job he has today, “After trying DataCamp and Codecademy, I found Dataquest. I like the way Dataquest is structured, how each course is broken down. The project focus is a great way to make everything sink in.”

With a portfolio of completed projects in hand, L’Heureux was able to start a job search with evidence of his skills — and having completed courses at Dataquest, he could talk the talk and walk the walk.

The Dataquest Way

You can’t fake your way into data science skills (or a data science job). L’Heureux tried DataCamp and Codecademy before he landed at Dataquest — no other platform offered the authentic learning experience he needed to learn real data skills and build real projects.

At Dataquest, we believe in learning code by writing code, not passively watching videos or filling in the blanks. Come see why L’Heureux and over a million other learners have found Dataquest the number one data science learning platform.

Dataquest makes your hard
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Otávio Silveira

"The learning paths on Dataquest are incredible. You don’t have to guess what you should learn next."

Coach To Data Analyst

Francisco Sosa

"Dataquest finds a balance between being too easy and being so hard that you get discouraged."

HR To Data Scientist

Viktoria Jorayeva

"I can’t believe how easily and clearly complex material is presented on Dataquest."

Linguist To Data Scientist

Sunishchal Dev

"The lessons are easy to absorb. Dataquest helped me get my dream job!"

IT To Data Scientist

Stacey Ustian

"Dataquest teaches you how you do data analysis in the real world."

Librarian To Data Engineer

Rahila Hashim

"Dataquest is my favorite learning platform."

Zoologist to Data Scientist

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