Liana Ahrens Teixeira: Building a Data-Focused Future in Financial Services

Financial Planner & Business Owner
Liana Ahrens Teixeira

Liana Ahrens Teixeira: Building a Data-Focused Future in Financial Services

Liana Ahrens Teixeira: Building a Data-Focused Future in Financial Services

Financial Planner & Business Owner


Meet Liana Ahrens Teixeira, a seasoned financial planner and business owner based in Durban North, South Africa. With a strong background in solid state physics and algebra, Liana has embraced the world of data science to further bolster her business acumen. In her own words, her journey with Dataquest has been “interesting, challenging, frustrating at times, satisfactory, enriching, and enjoyable.”

Journey Before Dataquest

With a Masters Degree in Solid State Physics and experience as a Certified Financial Planner®, Liana has always had a connection with data and analysis. Her interest in data science grew when her brother-in-law introduced her to Python coding. “Analysis, data, and planning have been a big part of my career,” she notes. Although she started with Coursera, she found Dataquest’s hands-on teaching style more to her liking.

A Dataquest Journey

Liana’s venture into the data science field has been extensive, encompassing various courses such as Data Analysis, Data Science, Power BI, and more at Dataquest. She praises the platform, stating, “The content is good, because of the application via Guided Projects.” This hands-on approach facilitated a deeper understanding and retention of the material, making it “easier to remember.”

Making an Impact

Reflecting on her proud accomplishments, Liana shared her experience working on a remarkable project. “I did a Business Analysis and Strategy Plan for a local Political Party. Techniques used were: Data Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Forecasting, etc. Strategy Planning involved analysis of the micro and macro environment, SWOT, Stakeholders, etc. Qualitative analysis and forecasting were used extensively,” she explained. This project not only showcased her adept skills but also marked a significant milestone in her learning journey.

In 2007, leveraging her past roles as a director and consultant, Liana founded LPJ Financial Services with ease. Initially focused on asset management and foreign exchange, the company is now expanding to include Business Data Analytics and Strategy Planning services. On her current role, Liana shares, “The core of our services is analysis and data planning. It feels great to educate and share insights in this area.”

Advice for Future Learners

For those keen on starting their journey in data science, Liana offers sage advice: “Pay attention, take notes, reach out and ask when you do not know, do your own private projects to practice, and enjoy.” This nugget of wisdom stems from her own fruitful experience, where she found confidence and enrichment through the knowledge she gained.


Liana’s odyssey from being a financial planner to a proficient data analyst is a beacon of inspiration. Her story, woven with determination and an eagerness to learn, stands as a vivid testament to the potential that lies in embracing data science. As she succinctly puts it, “Knowledge always provides confidence,” a mantra that has evidently guided her through her enriching journey with Dataquest.

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