Elizaveta Gorelova

From Hostess to Data Scientist: Elizaveta Gorelova’s Success Story

Performance Data Analyst Intern @ FENDI
Elizaveta Gorelova

From Hostess to Data Scientist: Elizaveta Gorelova's Success Story

Elizaveta Gorelova

From Hostess to Data Scientist: Elizaveta Gorelova’s Success Story

Performance Data Analyst Intern @ FENDI

Elizaveta Gorelova, Performance Data Analyst Intern

Elizaveta Gorelova is a Performance Data Analyst intern with FENDI, a job she recently landed after completing the data science career path at Dataquest. This is her Dataquest success story…

Getting Started at Dataquest

In 2021, Gorelova was working as a hostess in a restaurant, and she decided to explore data science. After doing some research on Reddit, she found the Dataquest platform, and then, after taking several courses in a Bachelor’s degree program for Computer Information Systems and Data Analytics, she realized she was learning less in college than she did with Dataquest. So, she began dedicating more time to Dataquest and its community to improve her skill set.

Data Science Career Path

Gorelova loves creating visually appealing and informative dashboards. With a passion for data visualization, she can transform complex datasets into understandable dashboards that can inform important company decisions. She chose the Data Science path at Dataquest to gain a strong foundation in fundamental concepts and tools of data science, as well as practical skills that she could apply to real-world problems.

Advice for Dataquest Learners

According to Gorelova, “Dataquest provides a hands-on learning experience that allows me to work with real datasets and apply the concepts I’m learning in practical ways. The skills and knowledge I gained from Dataquest have been extremely valuable in my current job.”


Gorelova credits Dataquest for a strong skill set that helped her stand out as a candidate for her new Performance Data Analyst position: “The combination of technical skills and practical experience gained from DQ gave me a great advantage. I learned how to use analytical skills to uncover insights about customer preferences and trends, optimize pricing and inventory, and improve the overall performance of the company.”

Dataquest makes your hard
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Otávio Silveira

"The learning paths on Dataquest are incredible. You don’t have to guess what you should learn next."

Coach To Data Analyst

Francisco Sosa

"Dataquest finds a balance between being too easy and being so hard that you get discouraged."

HR To Data Scientist

Viktoria Jorayeva

"I can’t believe how easily and clearly complex material is presented on Dataquest."

Linguist To Data Scientist

Sunishchal Dev

"The lessons are easy to absorb. Dataquest helped me get my dream job!"

IT To Data Scientist

Stacey Ustian

"Dataquest teaches you how you do data analysis in the real world."

Librarian To Data Engineer

Rahila Hashim

"Dataquest is my favorite learning platform."

Zoologist to Data Scientist

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