From Nurse to Data Scientist

From Nurse to Junior Data Scientist: Sérgio Carmo’s Dataquest Story

Nurse and Junior Data Scientist
Sérgio Carmo

From Nurse to Junior Data Scientist: Sérgio Carmo's Dataquest Story

From Nurse to Data Scientist

From Nurse to Junior Data Scientist: Sérgio Carmo’s Dataquest Story

Nurse and Junior Data Scientist


Meet Sergio, a Registered Nurse from Lisbon, Portugal. Using Dataquest, Sergio transitioned from nursing to data science. Learn more how Sergio chased his dream, embraced change, and transformed his career with online learning.

Before Dataquest

For 20 years, Sergio’s life has revolved around patient care, understanding their needs, and ensuring their wellbeing. But as healthcare began to evolve, he realized the immense potential of data in transforming patient care, “I realized that to be at the forefront of this change, I needed to enhance my skills, particularly in data analysis. My goal – career change within my hospital to an analytical role.”

Choosing Dataquest

As someone rooted in healthcare, the shift to data science was a leap into the unknown. “I chose Dataquest as my guide in this new journey. As a nurse, I was used to dealing with life and health, not numbers and algorithms. But I was determined. I wanted to learn how to be a Data Scientist, to understand and work with data in all its forms. And Dataquest offered just that – a path from being a novice to gaining expertise in data science,” he remembers. The reality of his experience met these expectations, as he enjoyed the platform’s step-by-step, independent learning approach.

Learning Experience at Dataquest

“My journey was a daily commitment. Post my nursing shifts, I would immerse myself in learning about analytics, machine learning, and database engineering. The Data Scientist path was particularly fascinating. It was demanding, yet it provided a sense of achievement,” Sergio shares. The skills that he learned in course and the practical application through real projects, provided him with valuable insights into the potential applications of data in healthcare.

Impact and Future Aspirations

While Sérgio is still exploring ways to integrate his newfound skills into his nursing career, his journey with Dataquest has set the stage for a significant shift. “I’m confident that this knowledge will open up new pathways. My goal is to transition to an analytical role within my hospital, leveraging data science to enhance patient care,” he proudly shares.

Advice for Dataquest Learners

Sérgio’s journey exemplifies the importance of continuous learning and adapting to change. “For those embarking on a similar path, remember: progress is gradual but impactful. Embrace each challenge as an opportunity to grow. What I cherish most about this journey is not just the skills I’ve gained, but the shift in my mindset,” he advises, encourages other to embrace continuous learning and innovation.


Sérgio Carmo’s story demonstrates how individuals in traditional careers, such as healthcare, can successfully transition to new fields like data science. This shift is particularly relevant as industries like healthcare evolve rapidly with technological advancements. His experience with Dataquest highlights the importance of practical learning in acquiring the necessary skills for a career in data science and AI.

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