From Classical Music to Coding: Friederike Eckhardt’s Success story

PR Manager & Data Analyst
Friederike Eckhardt

From Classical Music to Coding: Friederike Eckhardt’s Success story

From Classical Music to Coding: Friederike Eckhardt’s Success story

PR Manager & Data Analyst

Friederike Eckhardt, Data Analyst

Friederike Eckhardt, a PR manager in Berlin, Germany, is an excellent example of how anyone can embark on a data journey, no matter their background or field. With a degree in orchestral music and a career in public relations for classical music institutions and artists, Friederike was far from a typical data enthusiast. Yet, her curiosity led her to explore the world of data science in the fall of 2021.

Choosing Dataquest

With an initial interest in SQL, Tableau, and Power BI, Friederike soon set her sights on learning Python to enhance her data analysis skills. Her choice to pursue the Data Scientist in Python path at Dataquest was fueled by her desire to gain a more profound understanding of Python and its application in data analysis. “I hoped to achieve a better insight/understanding of Python and be able to use Python effectively in data analysis in the future,” says Friederike.

Learning Experience with Dataquest

Friederike’s commitment to her learning journey is evident in the way she balances it with her work schedule and family life. “I have to fit it into my busy work schedule with kids, etc. I try to do lessons regularly. It takes longer than I thought, but I force myself to keep at it,” she admits. Her resilience in the face of these challenges is indeed commendable.

Impact & Advice

Even though Friederike is still on her learning journey, the impact of her new pursuit has already begun to manifest in her personal life. “What I am most proud of after learning with Dataquest is that my daughter has started to be interested in coding,” she shares. This influence extends beyond her own skills and career, sparking curiosity in the next generation. Her advice to others considering Dataquest is straightforward and powerful: “Work along the path and keep at it and don’t be discouraged by failures.”


Friederike’s story is a powerful reminder that the world of data science is accessible to anyone, regardless of their background. Her journey is a testament to the determination, resilience, and curiosity needed to venture into unfamiliar territories. Moreover, it highlights the broader impact such a decision can have, not just on personal career development, but also in inspiring others. With Dataquest, Friederike is not just learning Python; she is paving the way for a data-driven future. Friederike is not just learning Python; she’s paving the way for a data-driven future.

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