From Master’s Degree to Mastery: Joel Ampong’s Career Transformation with Dataquest

PR Manager & Data Analyst
Joel Ampong

From Master's Degree to Mastery: Joel 's Success Story

From Master’s Degree to Mastery: Joel Ampong’s Career Transformation with Dataquest

PR Manager & Data Analyst

Joel Ampong, Data Scientist

Few learners illustrate the transformative potential of Dataquest like Joel Ampong. Despite having a Master’s degree in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Joel discovered that it was the applied learning on Dataquest’s platform that equipped him to thrive as a Data Scientist in the industry. Today, we dive into his inspiring journey.

Journey Before Dataquest

A resident of Herentals, Belgium, Joel had all the academic credentials, including a Master’s degree in the field of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. Despite this, he admitted, “I never had confidence in myself as a Data Scientist.” He knew he needed a different kind of training – a practical, hands-on learning experience that could bring him real-world confidence. That’s where Dataquest entered the scene.

Choosing Dataquest

Searching for a solution, Joel chose the Data Science path on Dataquest. His hope was to gain a robust, practical foundation that would bolster his academic knowledge. “I really like the way they have structured the courses,” Joel expressed, highlighting Dataquest’s careful, step-by-step approach to complex concepts.

Learning Experience

Joel’s learning journey was characterized by dedication and perseverance. He recalls, “It starts with very easy, then it takes you step by step to the more difficult ones. By the time you get to the more difficult ones, you already have the foundation and the experience to tackle everything.”

Even though he considers himself a slow learner, he emphasized that spending 3 to 4 hours each day on the Dataquest platform helped him gain a deeper understanding. The process wasn’t a race for him; it was about truly mastering the material.

Impact of Dataquest on Career

Joel’s learning journey with Dataquest soon bore fruit. He shared, “I can confidently say, without any doubt, that Dataquest gave me the skills to land my current position.”

Even though he only completed 50% of the Data Science path at the time, the skills he gained were more than sufficient to catch the eye of hiring managers. The projects he shared on his LinkedIn profile led to a Data Scientist role at Keyence International.

At work, he’s become the go-to expert for data cleaning—a skill he perfected at Dataquest. “Dataquest taught me that mastering data cleaning can be a strong skill in my data science journey,” Joel says, emphasizing how his foundational skills have made a difference.

Advice to Future Learners

For those considering a similar path, Joel’s advice is clear: “Take all information on the Dataquest platform seriously, because they are just the same as working in a company. You will meet all the skills you will gain from Dataquest when you start your new job.”


Joel’s journey is a testament to how Dataquest’s practical approach to data science learning can truly transform a learner’s career, even someone already armed with a Master’s degree. Joel went from feeling unsure to confidently working as a Data Scientist and becoming a point of reference for his colleagues—all thanks to his determination and Dataquest’s unique learning path. His story serves as an inspiration to all Dataquest learners, showing how the right learning approach can turn potential into real-world career success.













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