October 16, 2019

Go From Total Beginner to Data Engineer with Our New Path

We've got some really exciting news: we've just launched a total revamp of our Data Engineering learning path!

This revamped path is designed to be more like our other course paths. You can start it even if you have no prior experience with coding, and it'll take you from total beginner to experienced practitioner with all of the core skills needed to become a data engineer.

If you've checked out the path before, you'll notice we've changed a lot. We've added some new courses. We've created and added custom data engineering versions of existing courses to this path. And we've optimized all of the courses for more effective learning and more accurate answer checking.

In short: the DE path is now ready to take you from scratch all the way to your goal.

Oh, and did we mention that you can try a lot of the course content for free?


What's New in the Data Engineering Path?

The new path starts out with three Python courses that are designed to take you from having no background in programming to being proficient with the fundamentals of Python. These courses are based on our highly popular Python data science courses, but we've adapted them to focus more precisely on the skills data engineers need.

From there, the path digs into SQL skills, with two SQL courses aimed at getting you up and running. Although it's not as "sexy" as other tech skills, SQL is a critical skill in any data role, and it's particular important for data engineers, who'll be interacting with SQL databases regularly.

With the basics covered, the path then heads into more advanced, data-engineering-specific skills. There are several courses on Postgres, and a course on optimizing code performance for big data. There are also courses on optimizing pandas, recursion and trees, algorithms and data structures, and building data pipelines.

For more details on specifically what's covered, check out the path page and course listings. Just as we've done with the revamped R path we launched last year, we'll also be expanding this path with new courses as time goes on to make it even more exhaustive.

Additionally, everything in this path has been optimized and reworked to improve the student experience. We've added new content, but we've also vastly improved older content to bring the DE path up the to standard of our other learning paths.

Become a Data Engineer

Data Scientist may be "the sexiest job of the 21st century," but engineers are critical members of effective data science teams. And although there's less hype behind the role, data engineers actually earn higher salaries than data scientists on average, according to October 2019 data from Indeed.

Ready to take the first step in becoming a data engineer? Check out our newly relaunched DE path today!

Charlie Custer

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Charlie Custer

Charlie is a student of data science, and also a content marketer at Dataquest. In his free time, he's learning to mountain bike and making videos about it.

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