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When working with data, you won’t always find it in a pristine CSV file. Sometimes, you’ll have to find and collect it on your own. Knowing how to do this is like a superpower, and it’s a highly sought-after skill.

In this skill path, we’ll teach you how to use application program interfaces (APIs) and powerful web scraping tools to create truly unique and targeted datasets.

APIs and web scraping with R allow you to automate the process of putting unstructured data into an organized and understandable dataset. By enrolling in this path you can:

  • Learn the basics of APIs and how to query external data sources using an API with R
  • Discover the basics of scraping data from the web using a variety of web scraping tools
  • Acquire proficiency in identifying and overcoming common setbacks in practical data analysis

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How Our APIs and Web Scraping with R Skill Path Works

As a data professional, you may find that most of the time you’re supplied with the data you need for a project. But there will also be times when you’ll need to acquire the data yourself. That’s why we’ve created this skill path⁠—to teach you how to use APIs and web scrapers with R to scrape server-side rendered pages to organize a dataset.

Here’s a quick glance at this skill path:

  • This skill path consists of the two courses listed below, which cover beginner to intermediate topics about APIs and web scraping with R and basic HTML.
  • You’ll write real code with dozens of practice problems to validate and apply your skills.
  •  At the end of the course, you’ll complete a guided project to reinforce your new knowledge and expand your portfolio.
  • When you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can share with your professional network.

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