Data Cleaning with Python Path

Did you know that data scientists spend most of their time cleaning data? Yes, that’s right. Before you can even get to the analysis and the insights, you need to make sure you find, clean, and organize the data.

In our data cleaning with Python path, we’ll teach you how to identify and remove inaccurate records from a dataset. You’ll gain the fundamental skills to begin cleaning data, using the powerful tools offered by Python. We’ll also teach you how to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data using premier Python libraries like NumPy and pandas.

With these courses, you’ll have everything you need—and more—to perform data cleaning from start to finish.

  • Learn how to save values using variables; build for loops; work with lists; and more!
  • Discover how to analyze, combine, transform, and reshape data.
  • Renewal trade strategies for working with missing data.

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What You’ll Learn

Data cleaning is a crucial part of data science. Clean data will allow you to develop accurate models and insights. In fact, the majority of a data scientist’s time goes to data cleaning. That’s why we’ve developed this path — to show you how to maximize your time and effort when cleaning data.

In our Data Cleaning with Python path, you’ll learn how to remove incorrect and corrupted data. You’ll also learn how to resolve missing and inconsistent data, as well as duplicate values and outliers — and so much more.

This Data Cleaning with Python path covers basic Python programming, beginner to advanced lessons in data visualization, presentation, manipulation, and beginner to advanced data cleaning. Not only will you learn these skills, but throughout this path, you will put these skills to use with our guided projects and practice problems.

Enroll in this skill path if you want to learn how to do the following:

  • Implement the fundamentals of programming in Python
  • Build for loops, work with lists, and use conditional statements in Python
  • Clean and analyze text data
  • Use the Jupyter Notebook
  • Leverage powerful tools like Booleans, pandas, and Numpy to index and analyze data
  • Use vectorized operations to optimize working with data
  • Visualize data in a variety of ways, from line plots to scatter plots, bar plots, and histograms.
  • Optimize your data processing skills with best practices and software
  • Perform data cleaning from start to finish
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Jobs that require data cleaning skills average $169K /yr salary per

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 28% growth in data science job skills by 2026

Python won the TIOBE’s programming language of the year award four years in a row

How Our Data Cleaning with Python Skill Path Works

Most surveys indicate that data professionals spend 70-80% of their time preparing data for analysis. To thrive in this data-driven world, you’ll need valuable insights from quality data.

The best way to learn data cleaning with Python is to practice it firsthand. Different types of data will require different data cleaning methods. At Dataquest, we offer an entire skill path on data cleaning using Python to position you for maximum career growth. Starting today, you can acquire these valuable skills to jumpstart your current or future career as a data professional.

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Here’s a quick glance at this skill path:

Enroll in this career path to learn how to clean data using Python!

Data Cleaning with Python Path Course List

Variables, Data Types, and Lists in Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

For Loops and Conditional Statements in Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

Dictionaries, Frequency Tables, and Functions in Python

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

Python Functions and Jupyter Notebook

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science.

Python for Data Science Intermediate

Learn important Python data science skills.

Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals

Learn Pandas and NumPy for data science in Python. Join over a million students who learn science career skills with Dataquest. Start for free today!

Data Visualization Fundamentals

Create powerful, compelling data visualizations using Python. Join over a million students developing data science skills with Dataquest. Start for free today!

Python Data Cleaning and Analysis

Learn how to clean and combine datasets, then practice your skills.

Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced

Optimize your data analysis workflow using Python. Learn data science career skills with Dataquest. Join over a million data learners. Start for free today!

Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough

Learn how to clean and combine datasets, then practice your skills.

Who Is This Data Cleaning Skill Path For?

Data cleaning is valuable in many different roles. Whether you’re a marketing professional who works with large datasets, a data scientist who wants to refresh their data cleaning skills, or a complete beginner interested in the data field as a whole, this path offers the training you need.

Qualify for In-demand Jobs in Data Cleaning