Tag: Data Visualizations

How to Plot a Bar Graph in Matplotlib: The Easy Way

A bar graph or bar chart is one of the most common visualization types and is very easy to create in Matplotlib. All we need to do is write one short line of Python code. However, if we want to create an informative, easily readable bar plot that efficiently reveals the story behind the data, […]

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Comical Data Visualization in Python Using Matplotlib

How to make comical visualizations in Matplotlib? Explained using a Netflix Movie and TV Show dataset. Data visualization is a great way to tell a story. You can easily absorb information and identify patterns in data. One of our students decided to create a data visualization in Python using Matplotlib to understand the different types […]

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Presentation Tips to Improve Your Data Science Communication Skills

Improve your data science communication skills and make your presentations more convincing by following these simple steps.

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