September 15, 2021

Dataquest August Product Update

Dataquest Product Update

Hi Dataquesters!

We’re reaching out to update you all on the progress we’ve made during the month of August, and let you know about some exciting things that are just around the corner. On the menu for this month’s update: a new course, new assessments, several new blog posts, and more!

First up, new content!

  • We recently released the 5th and final course (for now) in the SQL Skills Path! The SQL Subqueries course will help you write more complex queries and take your SQL skills to the next level.
  • We also had a soft launch (not available to everyone just yet) for Python assessments for Python for Data Science: Fundamentals I. Expect to see many more assessment releases over the next few months.

SQL Subqueries

Next up, content contributions from the Dataquest community:

And finally, dashboard updates! We added a few new features to the dashboard.

  • Learning stats – Your dashboard also now includes some statistics to show your time and progress through your learning journey. We all love data so much, we just had to include it 🙂.
  • Time estimates – you can now see estimates of how long a lesson takes to complete directly on your dashboard.
  • Community highlights – We know how important community is when learning new skills so we now surface a few highlights directly on your dashboard, making engaging with the community easier than ever!

Track Your Learning Progress

Honorable mention:

  • The engineering team merged over 60 pull requests in Github, including 22 bugs fixes and 9 small improvements to address user feedback, clean up tech debt, and improve the user experience.
  • The content team merged 28 pull requests to address 47 content suggestions and bugs.

Next up: Stay tuned for more updates coming your way in September, including new assessments, more practice exercises, and more!

Any suggestions? Feel free to post to our feedback board. I review each submission personally and really value your input. Thanks in advance.

Happy learning!


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