Python for Data Science Learning Paths

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It's used everywhere, from task automation to advanced analysis in data science. With these courses, you can start your Python training or move on to more advanced concepts such as machine learning.

Data Scientist in Python Salary Increase

$107,178 average annual base salary

Data Scientist in Python Job Openings

#1 global demand for desired programming language

Data Scientist In Python Job Growth

More than 160,000 Python job openings listed online

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Career & Skill Paths

Data Analyst in Python

Beginner friendly

Learn how to manipulate and analyze data.

Data Scientist in Python

Beginner friendly

Learn how to make inferences and predictions using data.

Data Engineer

Beginner friendly

Learn how to build data pipelines to work with large datasets.

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Python Basics for Data Analysis

Beginner friendly

Introduce yourself to the Python programming language.

Data Analysis and Visualization with Python

Beginner friendly

Learn how Python and Pandas simplify data analysis and visualization.

Data Cleaning with Python

Beginner friendly

Learn how to clean, manipulate, and analyze data with Python.

APIs and Web Scraping with Python

Intermediate friendly

Learn how to acquire data from APIs and the web.

Machine Learning Introduction with Python

Beginner friendly

Learn how to make inferences and predictions using data.

Machine Learning Intermediate with Python

Intermediate friendly

Learn how machine learning can help you make predictions with data.

Probability and Statistics with Python

Beginner friendly

Learn probability and statistics for more robust data analysis.

Benefits of Learning Python

There are several benefits to learning Python over other comparable programming languages. Here are three of the top benefits of learning Python:

  • Python skills create many job opportunities because of Python’s widespread use and versatility across dozens of industries and verticals. If there’s one skill to know that will secure your future—no matter who you work for—it’s Python programming.
  • Python is the most efficient computer programming language, and it’s the easiest to use. It takes fewer lines of code to perform tasks and has an English-like syntax, which makes it easier to learn and more efficient.
  • Python is in-demand and financially rewarding. Python is the most popular programming language globally and Python-related jobs are the second-highest paid in the United States. This means that your Python skills will always give you an advantage in landing a lucrative, high-quality position.
  • Python has over 100,000 libraries and over 200,000 packages available to use. These widespread resources, which are among the highest out of any other programming language, contribute to Python’s popularity and acceptance by industries around the globe.

With nearly a dozen different skill and career paths in Python, as well as a comprehensive library of courses and lessons, Dataquest makes it easy to take advantage of the many benefits of Python.

How Do Our Python Courses Work?

Here’s a quick overview of how our Python courses work:

  • You’ll choose the Python path you are most interested in and begin the series of courses.
  • With each course, you will complete lessons where you will write real code. You’ll answer practice problems along the way, allowing you to apply your newly learned skills.
  • At the end of each course, you’ll complete a guided project to add to your portfolio and to reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Upon completion of each course, you’ll receive a certificate to share with your professional network.
  • After completing all of the courses in the entire path, you’ll be ready with comprehensive Python skills.
  • Engage Dataquest’s active community of learners and mentors. Ask questions, get feedback on projects and resumes, and grow together.
  • At any time, you can redo practice problems and lessons if you want to review or keep your skills up to date.

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Who Are These Python Courses for?

These Python courses are ideal for anyone looking to learn Python programming — from students looking to be job-ready once they graduate to career professionals looking to add valuable skills to their resumes for a much-needed promotion.

Whether you’re a data analyst, software engineer, in a non-technical role, or looking to make an exciting career change, there’s a Python course here for you.

Our courses are optimized for hands-on learning and engagement, which encourages self-paced, structured learning. You’re never alone in your studies. We provide support tools to help every step of the way.

Learn Python online, and earn skills to take you to the next level.