SQL Fundamentals

If you want to learn data skills, SQL is a great place to start. It’s one of the most common data science languages, used by companies large and small across a variety of industries and applications.

Essentially, SQL is a language that allows you to interact with databases. With SQL, you can write queries that help you understand, filter, combine, and summarize the data stored in a database.

Once you know SQL, you’ll be able to write queries to get exactly the data you need. From there, you can import that data into a different tool or language to analyze it more deeply. Some visualization tools even have a built-in option to use SQL queries!

In this course, you’ll work interactively with real-world survey data to learn how to: 

  • Preview a database table to see what it contains
  • Uses a WHERE clause to select the data you need
  • Use aggregate functions like minimum, maximum, and average to better understand your data
  • Group data using the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses
  • Use subqueries to answer more complex data questions

At the end of this course, you’ll have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills with a guided project where you’ll retrieve and analyze CIA World Factbook data.

The SQL syntax taught in this course will allow you to work with a variety of database types, such as SQLite, PostGreSQL, MySQL, and more.

As always, this course takes place in our interactive, hands-on learning environment, so there’s nothing to install, and there are no prerequisites required.

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Learn SQL Fundamentals

Here’s what we’ll cover in this course.

Introduction to SQL

Learn the basics of SQL to explore a dataset.

Summary Statistics

Learn how to calculate summary statistics in SQL.

Group Summary Statistics

Learn how to compute statistics across groups.


Learn how to write complex, nested queries using subqueries.

Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

Practice the SQL workflow using CIA Factbook data.