November 7, 2022

The Best Python Courses for Anyone (14-Point Rating Scale)

Python courses

Choosing the right Python course is crucial to your success. It can help you do the following:

  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Cut the amount of time it takes to learn
  • Reduce failure rate
  • Better prepare you for a new career
  • Maximize enjoyment

We all have different goals and learning styles. There’s no one-size-fits-all, “best” way to learn Python. This guide will help you find the best Python course for your situation. We analyzed dozens of courses, using 14 variables to come up with the list below.

Here’s a summary of the best Python courses in 2022:

Best for Data Science

Dataquest’s Career Paths

Dataquest is the best choice for data science. This is because of its comprehensive career paths, affordable pricing, and project-focused curriculum.

The career paths include a bundle of courses that will take you from beginner to fully qualified for a specific data science position. These career paths are as comprehensive as a $10,000 bootcamp, but at a fraction of the cost.

Here are Dataquest’s current career paths:

Plus, the curriculum isn’t video-based. It will have you coding from day one. You’ll complete hundreds of exercises and dozens of projects. It’s the best way to learn.

For the sake of this review, we’ll focus on the most popular career path: data scientist.

  • Price: $24.50/mo (current promotion)
  • Upfront fees: free to start
  • Ratings: 4.8 (359 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: full-time: 2-3 months; part-time: 6-9 months
  • Type: online
  • Students enrolled: 259,000
  • Learning style: coding modules and guided projects
  • Thoroughness: everything you need to know to get hired
  • Speciality: data science
  • Required prerequisites: None
  • Pacing: self-paced
  • Number of projects: 26
  • Refund option: available if you aren’t satisfied after completion
  • Career services: community support

Student Testimonials

Dataquest starts at the most basic level, so a beginner can understand the concepts. I tried learning to code before, using Codecademy and Coursera. I struggled because I had no background in coding, and I was spending a lot of time Googling. Dataquest helped me actually learn.

—Aaron Melton

I really love learning on Dataquest. I looked into a couple of other options and I found that they were much too handhold-y and fill-in-the-blank relative to Dataquest’s method. The projects on Dataquest were key to getting my job. I doubled my income!

—Victoria E. Guzik

I’ve done courses from DataCamp and Dataquest, and, in my opinion, Dataquest is much better because it makes you make an effort.

—Jorge Varade

Best for Web Development

Nick Walter’s Python Web Development Bootcamp on Udemy

Nick Walter’s Udemy course is great if you’re looking to break into web development using Django and Python. Nick has collectively taught over 270,000 students on Udemy, garnering an impressive 55,000 reviews.

People love his course because he puts a tremendous focus on projects. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to build three complete websites from scratch.

  • Price: $99
  • Upfront fees: 100% price upfront
  • Ratings: 4.7 (5,581 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: 10 hours of lectures
  • Type: online
  • Students enrolled: 23,256
  • Learning style: video lectures and projects
  • Thoroughness: great introduction, but lacking in certain areas
  • Speciality: web development
  • Required prerequisites: none
  • Pacing: self-paced
  • Number of projects: 3
  • Refund option: within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied
  • Career services: none

Student Testimonials

This quick and concise lecturing style gets right to the point, while making sure core concepts stick. This guy could teach anything and it would be good, but this was a particularly exciting topic. I feel comfortable with Django now.

Johnny W

Thank you, Nick, for a wonderful course! I was new to Django and your course made the learning easy, as well as interesting. I started the course with absolutely no knowledge on Django and finished it with the confidence to build a website on my own! Thank you again!

—Madhumitha P

Best for Finance

365 Careers Python for Finance Investment Fundamentals Course

If you’re looking to specialize in finance, this online Python course is your best option. It begins by teaching you the fundamentals of Python. Then, it dives into how you can apply that Python knowledge to the finance field.

During the finance part, you’ll learn things like:

  • Risk of stocks  
  • Rate of return of stock portfolios  
  • Correlation between stocks   
  • Multivariate regression analysis   
  • And much more

Plus, this is a Udemy course, so it comes with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. You can’t lose.

  • Price: $129.99
  • Upfront fees: 100% upfront 
  • Ratings: 4.6/5 (25,119 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: 8h 45m of video lectures
  • Type: online
  • Students enrolled: 119,972
  • Learning style: video lectures with exercises
  • Thoroughness: Python and finance fundamentals 
  • Speciality: finance
  • Required prerequisites: none 
  • Pacing: self-paced
  • Number of projects: none
  • Refund option: available within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied
  • Career services: none

Student Testimonials 

This course is packed with knowledge, be it financial or about Python. Videos are divided into small consumable packets with easy to understand language and animations. This is one of the best courses for computer science students who want to switch their career in a finance field.


The methodology used in the course is really great. The course starts with the introduction of Python and Anaconda, and moves towards the basic and advanced skills for Python before moving to application of Python in Finance.

—Azrul A.

Best for Software Engineering: 

Grant Klimaytys’s Python 3 Software Engineering Course

This Python course is new, but don’t let that deter you. The instructor has developed 28 courses, garnered 18,831 reviews, and has taught over 18,000 students.

If you want to become a software engineer using Python, this is the best option.

Why have we rated this course so highly? Because each video module contains a small exercise that lets you build something from what you’ve learned. Plus, at the end of the online course, you learn how to build an accounting app for a coffee shop. Hello, real-world skills! 

  • Price: $84.99
  • Upfront fees: 100% upfront
  • Ratings: 4.7 (8 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: 6h 2m of lectures
  • Type: online 
  • Students enrolled: 49
  • Learning style: video lectures, practice exercises, and 1 project
  • Thoroughness: just the fundamentals
  • Speciality: software engineering
  • Required prerequisites: None
  • Pacing: self-paced
  • Number of projects: 1
  • Refund option: available within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied
  • Career services: none

Student Testimonials 

The instructor explained the topics extremely well! Good instructors are getting very difficult to find lately.

—John G

Very good course, well explained, patient teacher, very good didactic capabilities, and I learned a lot. Happy with the course.

—Cesar B

Best Online Python Bootcamp

Le Wagon Data Science Bootcamp

Le Wagon is the best way to learn Python for data science if you prefer a strict structure, need extra support for your job search, and can afford the steep price.

The near $9,000 price tag is certainly expensive, but the support you get throughout makes it worthwhile. 

Unfortunately, Le Wagon does not offer a job guarantee. However, they do boast an impressive 93% employment rate.

  • Price: $8,850
  • Upfront fees: 100%, but with flexible payment options
  • Ratings: 4.9 (1001 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: full-time: 2 months; part-time: 6 months
  • Type: online or offline
  • Students enrolled: 17,651
  • Learning style: video lectures, coding modules, tutorials, projects
  • Thoroughness: everything you need to know to get hired
  • Speciality: data science
  • Required Prerequisites: basic Python and mathematics
  • Pacing: weekly structure
  • Number of projects: 1 capstone project 
  • Refund option: none
  • Career services: 1:1 coaching and hiring partners

Student Testimonials

In my opinion, joining a Le Wagon Bootcamp is the best decision if you’re looking for some kind of career change. Everything was right on spot, from the Bootcamp intensity to the staff that lectures and also the TAs. The buddy system was definitely one of my favorite functionalities, especially so I could connect with all of my new class colleagues.

—Nicolas Santos

After quitting my job in logistics, I decided to join Le Wagon and I never regretted my decision! I made incredible progress in just 9 weeks and landed a job as a Data Scientist within 2 weeks after the bootcamp finished. Don’t hesitate!  


Best In-Person Python Bootcamp

Codeup’s Data Science Bootcamp in Texas

For some, the traditional in-person classroom setting is non-negotiable. It can keep students accountable, offer the highest level of support, and nurture professional relationships. 

If this is something you’re looking for, then Codeup’s data science bootcamp is the best option. Even though the pricing is steep, they offer a job guarantee. So there are only two potential outcomes: 

  1. You pay $31,500 but get a data science job.
  2. You get your money back.

If you ask me, this is a fair trade.

Of course, the biggest pro is also the biggest con: it’s in-person. And currently, Codeup is only serving a few cities in Texas.

  • Price: $31,500
  • Upfront fees: 100% upfront or pay 3 months after graduation 
  • Ratings: 4.6/5 (69 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: 20 weeks
  • Type: in-person
  • Students enrolled: unknown
  • Learning style: in-person teaching; project based
  • Thoroughness: everything you need to get hired
  • Speciality: data science
  • Required prerequisites: basic statistics and Python programming
  • Pacing: daily required attendance
  • Number of projects: small projects throughout; 1 capstone project
  • Refund option: full refund if you don’t get a job
  • Career services: career coaching, interview prep, resume building

Student Testimonials

I have nothing but great things to say about the Codeup Data Science program.  I loved the instructors, curriculum, and the job placement team. We started with “hello world” and worked all the way up to creating machine learning models. The learning didn’t stop with programming. 

Coding is just the tip of the iceberg to what this program prepares you for.  No shortcuts, 9 am to 5 pm every day.  You get group work, homework, and plenty of support along the way.  

They have an entire placement team dedicated to helping you find a career.  They helped me find a career with Oracle and I love my career.  This program really is life changing and anyone can do it.

—Joshua Chavez

There are other schools out there, sure, but none of them could possibly match the service and commitment of the entire Codeup team. Best money I ever spent on my education…


Best Free Python Course

Google’s Crash Course on Python

If you’re looking to learn Python for free, then Google’s crash course in Python is the best option.

This is a Coursera Plus course, which costs $39/mo. However, Coursera has an “audit feature” that allows you to view the content without officially subscribing. The only downside is that you won’t get a Python certification upon completion. 

Despite being free, here are three main reasons why this Python crash course has tremendous value:

  • It’s taught by qualified Google instructors.
  • It has a 4.8/5 rating with over 20,000 reviews.
  • It’s more comprehensive than most other paid courses.


  • Price: free
  • Upfront fees: $0
  • Ratings: 4.8/5 (26,635 reviews)
  • Estimated duration: 29 hours
  • Type: online
  • Students enrolled: 691,433
  • Learning style: video lectures, interactive coding exercises
  • Thoroughness: Python fundamentals 
  • Speciality: general
  • Required prerequisites: a little Python knowledge is helpful
  • Pacing: self-paced (with resettable deadlines)
  • Number of projects:
  • Refund option: N/A
  • Career services: none

Student Testimonial

The course is well-designed and executed. Topics are presented clearly in a logical order. Interactive exercises embedded in the videos make the concepts practical rather than abstract. The concepts are further reinforced by the practical exercises. The graded assessments for each module explain the questions and problems clearly and fairly evaluate learning. The final project is challenging, but not overwhelming. At no time does the student feel unprepared or unsure of what the expectations and next steps were. The presentation was well-scripted. The presenter is excellent. She delivers the material clearly and engagingly.

—Peter I

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