Aleksey Korshuk

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Aleksey Korshuk

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Project overview

In this project, you’ll assume the role of a data journalist investigating potential bias in Fandango’s movie rating system. A previous analysis in 2015 found strong evidence that Fandango’s ratings were biased and dishonest, inflating scores by rounding them up. Fandango promised to fix the bug responsible. Your task is to analyze more recent movie ratings data to determine if there was any change in Fandango’s rating system after the 2015 analysis revealed the bias.

You’ll work with two datasets of Fandango movie ratings – one from 2015 before the bias was revealed, and one from 2016-2017 after the analysis. Using your skills in R and statistical analysis, you’ll compare the 2015 and 2016 ratings to assess any differences. This project provides hands-on experience with a real-world data analysis case study, builds your data science portfolio, and sharpens your skills in applying statistics to investigate data integrity.

Objective: Analyze Fandango movie ratings data from 2015 and 2016 to determine if there was any change in Fandango’s rating system after it was found to have a bias in 2015.

Key skill required

To complete this project, it's recommended to build these foundational skills in R

  • Employing various sampling methods to select representative data
  • Measuring variables in statistics and identifying different variable types
  • Generating and analyzing frequency distribution tables
  • Visualizing and comparing frequency distributions using different plot types

Projects steps

Step 1: Is Fandango Still Inflating Ratings?

Step 2: Understanding the Data

Step 3: Changing the Goal of our Analysis

Step 4: Isolating the Samples We Need

Step 5: Comparing Distribution Shapes for 2015 and 2016

Step 6: Comparing Relative Frequencies

Step 7: Determining the Direction of the Change

Step 8: Next steps

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