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Learn Python, R, and SQL

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Learn data science by watching videos coding!

Most people learn best by doing, yet many online data science courses only ask you to memorize information, never to apply it. We took a different approach:

In guided projects, you'll use the data science concepts you just learned to answer real-world questions on real datasets.

In our interactive lessons, you'll learn a new concept, write code to apply it, and get feedback all on the same screen.

In a typical Dataquest session, you won't go more than five minutes without writing code!

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"You get small lessons, the practice, and the skills right away on the platform. It's so convenient." — Huyen

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"Dataquest doesn't just teach you how to use algorithms, it teaches you how the algorithms actually work." — Prerit

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How Dataquest Works

Our entire learning experience runs in your browser — no installation necessary. Our introductory courses will teach you the fundamentals so you can learn Python or learn R online from scratch, no previous experience required.

There are no deadlines, so you can learn data science online at your own pace. And the best part? No videos.  Just a clear path to learning.

Our Data Science Learning Platform

On Dataquest, you'll spend most of your time learning R and Python through our in-browser, interactive screens.

Typically, a screen presents a new data science concept on the left side, and challenges you to apply that concept by writing code on the right.

Before moving to the next screen, you submit your answer and get immediate feedback on the code you just wrote.

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The Dataquest Community

All Dataquest students have access to our online data science community. Here, our trained moderators and other learners are ready to help you as you learn R and Python! This community is your go-to resource if you get stuck on a mission, encounter a platform issue, need advice, or want feedback on a project.

"Dataquest gave me a curriculum that covered everything I needed to learn, and a well-crafted route to get there."   — Wes

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Learn data science online in our learning paths

When you choose a Dataquest Career or Skill Path, you don't have to wonder what you'll learn next. In our paths, you'll learn all the skills you need to land your first job in data science, including R, Python, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, and more.

Data Analyst in R

You’ll learn the basics of using R for data analytics, how to work with data sources, data cleaning techniques, how to perform statistical analyses, data visualization techniques, and predictive analysis.

Data Analyst in Python

You’ll learn the basics of using Python for data analytics, how to work with data sources, data cleaning techniques, how to perform statistical analyses, data visualization techniques, and predictive analysis.

SQL Fundamentals

Learn the basics of working with SQL databases, such as clauses, statements, queries, subqueries, and datatypes. Learn how to work with data across multiple tables, including joins and set operations.

Machine Learning Introduction with Python

This skill path shows you how to use machine learning to make predictions from data. It focuses on developing intuition and includes projects built on real-world datasets.

Data Scientist in Python

You’ll learn advanced techniques for using Python for data analytics: working with large datasets, machine learning topics, and the basic computer architecture and parallel processing topics.

Data Engineer

You’ll learn how to work with production databases, how to build data pipelines that can handle larger data sets, and learn key computer science concepts like data structures, algorithms, and recursion.

Probability and Statistics with Python

An introduction to probability and statistics for data science, including sampling, distributions, probability, significance testing, and chi-squared tests.

Data Visualization
with R

Use R for exploratory data visualization and the creation of high-quality visuals to communicate your results.

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