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Otávio Silveira

"The learning paths on Dataquest are incredible. You don’t have to guess what you should learn next."

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Francisco Sosa

"Dataquest finds a balance between being too easy and being so hard that you get discouraged."

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Viktoria Jorayeva

"I can’t believe how easily and clearly complex material is presented on Dataquest."

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Sunishchal Dev

"The lessons are easy to absorb. Dataquest helped me get my dream job!"

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Stacey Ustian

"Dataquest teaches you how you do data analysis in the real world."

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Rahila Hashim

"Dataquest is my favorite learning platform."

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Predict The Weather
with Python

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Analyze Customers
with SQL

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Model Churn
with Excel

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Predict Football Winners
with Python

View Project

Classify Images
with Python

View Project

Build a Spam Filter
with R

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