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Data Analyst in Python

You'll learn how to manipulate and analyze data.

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Machine Learning Intro

You'll learn how to make predictions with data.

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SQL Fundamentals

You'll learn how to extract data from databases using SQL.

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Data Scientist in Python

You'll learn how to make inferences and predictions from data.

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The platform is awesome, the explanation, graphics and examples are very well done and start simple and progress to more challenging exercises pushing you to learn a lot

Pedro J, Data Science Specialist

After trying a bunch of free online resources to learn python, a colleague recommended Dataquest...

I have found I was able to apply the skills to my day job right away

Felix K, Engineer

The quality of the program they have created allows for you to learn these challenging concepts quickly with real life practical usage in a way that would be easier than any alternative. 

Shane T, Financial Analyst

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