Machine Learning Intermediate with Python

Machine learning is a critical technology—and it’s everywhere. You might notice an email being forwarded to spam on its own, or you might receive personalized, local recommendations from Yelp. These examples are powered by machine learning. AI is undoubtedly a key component of our future, so get ahead of the curve with Dataquest.

This skill path is great for those who want to discover advanced machine learning techniques like k-nearest neighbors, decision trees, neural networks and more!

Deepen your knowledge of specific concepts and techniques of machine learning such as:

  • Common problems and model performance evaluation
  • Modern neural networks and their applications
  • Selecting the best algorithm and fine-tuning your model for expert performance

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What You’ll Learn

Machine learning enables systems to learn and improve without direct instructions from users. This intermediate machine learning path is ideal for building on your current Python skill set. It covers essential machine learning techniques, including k-nearest neighbors, k-means clustering, and decision trees. You’ll build knowledge of machine learning, linear algebra, and discover the power of Kaggle, as well as the basics of building a machine learning project from start to finish.

Here’s are some of the skills you can expect to learn:

  • Fundamentals of machine learning and common pitfalls
  • Exploring key ideas from calculus to understand how mathematical functions behave
  • Understanding linear systems using linear algebra
  • Building knowledge of linear and logistic regress concepts
  • Discovering how to build decision trees and what they can represent
  • Diving into deep learning, including neural networks
  • Constructing a foundation in Kaggle
  • Learning the basics of how to prevent common machine learning problems like overfitting
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How Our Machine Learning with Python Skill Path Works

Our hands-on machine learning with Python courses will help you effectively cluster and classify your data, identify patterns, learn how to optimize machine learning algorithms to boost the accuracy, and more. Videos may work for some people, but we find that students retain significantly more knowledge when they learn by doing.

We don’t believe in learning through endless, boring videos and blind memorization. Our curriculum is hands-on and interactive. Say goodbye to constant and monotonous Google searches trying to find the best answer. Not only will you learn valuable skills in this course, you’ll also have the opportunity to practice them with dozens of practice problems and resume-building projects.
One of the best parts about Dataquest’s curriculum is that it’s structured yet versatile and flexible. We provide the map for optimal learning, but you set the pace and the route that works best for you.

With Dataquest, you’ll never learn alone. From our thriving community to our robust support tools, we’re here to help with everything.

Here’s a quick glance at this skill path:

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Machine Learning Intermediate with Python Course List

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of machine learning using k-nearest neighbors.

Calculus For Machine Learning

Learn the calculus necessary for intermediate machine learning techniques like linear regression.

Linear Algebra For Machine Learning

Learn the linear algebra necessary for intermediate machine learning techniques like linear regression.

Linear Regression For Machine Learning

Learn how to use the linear regression machine learning model.

Machine Learning in Python: Intermediate

Learn more about machine learning.

Decision Trees

Learn how to construct and interpret decision trees.

Deep Learning Fundamentals

Learn the basics of deep neural networks. Includes graph representation, activation functions, multiple hidden layers, and image classification.

Machine Learning Project

Learn what a complete data science project looks like, from data cleaning to machine learning.

Kaggle Fundamentals

Learn how to get started with and participate in Kaggle competitions with Kaggle’s “Titanic” competition.

Who Is This Machine Learning Intermediate with Python Skill Path For?

This course requires prior knowledge of Python. If you’re eager to dive into machine learning, but don’t have a solid grasp on Python yet, please take our Machine Learning Introduction with Python course instead.

Machine learning has practical applications in many everyday tasks. Building your skills in this exciting field will help in your current role and prepare you for future growth. Whether you’re a developer looking to level up your machine learning skills for your next promotion, or a data scientist interested in expanding the tools at your disposal, this path will set you up for future success.

Start today, add a skill that’s useful everywhere, and prepare for your future.