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Why Dataquest beats other platforms for a data science training

Project Based Learning

We know that data science in the workplace doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so we also know that data science training can’t happen in a vacuum either. All lessons are built around answering real-world data questions using real data. Learners study machine learning by building a model to predict future sales trends, and learn Python and pandas by writing code to analyze advertising markets.

Each course ends with a guided project that requires the learner to synthesize the new coding concepts they’ve learned to solve a bigger and more open-ended data problem, similar to the kinds of problems they’ll be solving for work.

In Dataquest projects, learners are also challenged to communicate their results in notebooks that are transparent and comprehensible to anyone — even team members with no technical background.

No Tedious Lectures

Video lectures are the foundation of a lot of online courses, but we don’t think they work very well for teaching applied technical skills like programming. They separate the learning process from practice and make retention more difficult.

They also take too long and don’t allow learners to skim material that is easy for them or spend additional time on harder concepts.

Our focus on applied learning means learners are forced to confirm mastery before moving on. It’s an approach that’s backed by science — studies have shown that passive, lecture-based learning doesn’t work well for teaching STEM topics.

Challenge – Not Frustration

Let’s be frank: many online learning platforms are too easy. This provides an enjoyable and motivating user experience, but it sets learners up for failure in the long run. Being able to correctly answer a multiple choice question about a Python function, for example, isn’t the same as being able to write one in practice.

Dataquest is designed to provide a careful balance between keeping learners motivated and ensuring they are genuinely challenged. Learners can get immediate feedback on their code by running it directly in the browser.

Our learners regularly tell us that Dataquest “makes them think” more than other platforms they’ve tried. And 97% of them say they recommend Dataquest for building job skills.

Dataquest's teaching approach helps learners retain and apply concepts quicker than other platforms.

Dataquest is recommended by 97% of students for learning data skills.


Learn by writing and validating code, not by watching videos.


Challenge yourself with dozens of SQL practice problems.


Revisit what you've learned anytime you need a refresher.

Top Rated Data Science Training Platform

Rated 4.94 on Course Report
260 Reviews on Switchup • Rated 4.85  and Voted Best Bootcamp Winner 2019, 2020, and 2021
Rated 4.7 on G2Crowd • Ranked a High-Performer for the category

Desiree C 

"The lessons are organized in the perfect way for me—a track broken down into classes broken down into modules. I've taken a lot of online programming/data science courses and I feel like this one stands out because it presents information at the right level."

Pedro J

"Regarding the content I think I hesitated not having videos, because I am a very visual learner, but in the end was the BEST thing for me, because as you take the course you are forced to get your hands dirty and learn by doing through repetition."

Theodore L

"Dataquest is a great platform that lets me better myself professionally as a senior product analyst. The world is more and more digital and knowing how to take data and present it actionably is my job. Dataquest improves my skills in just that."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of team members needed for a team plan?

A minimum of two (2) team members is required for a Dataquest Business plan.

How does license rotation work?

Dataquest's team licenses can be reassigned to new team members at any time. This will allow you to give multiple team members access to the same premium license throughout the year based on learning needs. Each user will retain their history and certifications and can be rotated into premium licenses as often as needed.

Are completion certificates offered for team members?

Yes, your team members will receive a certificate for each course they complete.

Will the team need any special hardware or software to complete the courses?

No. The Dataquest business platform is cloud-based. We do not require any special hardware or software configuration to use the business platform.

Can we use the team plan behind a firewall?

Yes, the Dataquest platform works behind corporate firewalls.

Can my team upload data to your platform?

No, the Dataquest platform provides all of the datasets used in the courses and projects. Your team members cannot load data into the platform and no sensitive company information will be collected or stored.