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Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Tools for Text Analysis

This is a third article on the topic of guided projects feedback analysis. The main idea of the topic is to analyse the responses learners are receiving on the forum page. Dataquest encourages its learners to publish their guided projects on their forum, after publishing other learners or staff members can share their opinion of […]

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NLP Project Part 2: How to Clean and Prepare Data for Analysis

This is the second in a series of posts describing my natural language processing (NLP) project. To really benefit from this NLP article, you should read the first post, understand how to use pandas to work with text data, and be aware of list comprehensions and lambda functions. We’re also going to write a few […]

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Tutorial: Natural Language Processing with Python

This tutorial teaches you to predict upvotes on headlines from Hacker News using Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python.

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