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Introduction to AWS for Data Scientists

These days, many businesses use cloud based services; as a result various companies have started building and providing such services. Amazon began the trend, with Amazon Web Services (AWS). While AWS began in 2006 as a side business, it now makes $14.5 billion in revenue each year. Other leaders in this area include: Google—Google Cloud […]

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How to Set Up a Free Data Science Environment on Google Cloud

Whether you’re running out of memory on your local machine or simply want your code to run faster on a more powerful machine, there are many benefits to doing data science on a cloud server. A cloud server is really just a computer, like the one you’re using now, that’s located elsewhere. In this post, […]

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DigitalOcean and Docker for Data Science

Creating a cloud-based data science environment for faster analysis There are times when working on data science problems with your local machine just doesn’t cut it anymore. Maybe your computer is old, and can’t work with larger datasets. Or maybe you want to be able to access your work from anywhere, and collaborate with others. […]

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