Mike: “I wanted to grow my skills”

April 25, 2018

Mike Roberts didn’t plan on becoming a data scientist. After getting a degree in physics, he gave art management and professional poker playing a shot before becoming a BI analyst. He joined Dataquest to beef up those BI skills, but quickly learned he could switch to a much more interesting role within data science. For the first time, he was excited about his career opportunities.

Python is a great language, very welcoming community

The intuitive learning process helped — Mike liked the read/code platform, and the logical progression of courses. “I never became frustrated with technical problems, or had to waste time watching a video before getting on with coding.”

If he hit a wall, the Slack community was there to help. Both his fellow students and Dataquest teachers were quick to respond and lend a hand. He advises his fellow students to go through courses more than once — “It’s tempting to just tick things off, but it’ll embed better in your brain if you go back and redo things that were difficult.”

When it came time to job hunt, the projects he’d built at Dataquest made all the difference — he didn’t start getting callbacks until he put those projects up on GitHub for potential employers to review.

Mike now works as a data engineer, working closely with data scientists. “The Spark course really helped when interviewing.” His employer has promised him a lot of variety, so he looks forward to building on his engineering knowledge, and continuing to study data science.


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