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Sahil Sunny
Sr. Technical Success Specialist


Erika Lopez Smith
Team Operations Manager

Camisha Colquhoun
Sr. Client Services Manager


Casey Bates
Data Scientist

Renny Andres
UX Designer

Sam Nelson
Sr. Director of Content

Anna Pershyna
Principal Engineer


Celeste Grupman
Sr. Director of Operations


Vik Paruchuri
Founder & CEO

Lilian Gorriz
People Operations

Darin Bradley, PhD
Managing Editor

Tom DiGiano
Sr. Learning Product Manager

Olivier Wittorski

Olivier Wittorski
Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Bruno Cunha
Data Scientist

Vanessa Gutierrez
Sr. Frontend Engineer

Darla Shockley
Head of Engineering


François Aubry, PhD
Sr. Full Stack Engineer

Anishta Purrahoo
Marketing Generalist

Daniel Lopez
Full-Stack Engineer

Making the world data literate

It's clear that data science is one of the most transformative industries of the 21st century — not to mention a great career. Even if you aren't a career data scientist, strong data skills create opportunities for everyone to do more with the data in their field.

Unfortunately, the data science education system is broken. We believe that the best way to learn data skills is through hands-on, active learning with real data problems. However, most educational tools do a poor job creating this active learning environment.

So, our mission is twofold:

1. Create a powerful, hands-on learning tool that equips learners with the data skills they need to improve their lives.

2. Make that learning tool accessible and obtainable for everyone to use, no matter where you are in the world.

Our core values

These are the values we strive to work by every day. We take our values seriously, because we believe that strong company values help us not only create a top-notch product, but make Dataquest a great place to work and grow.

Strive for excellence.
Be human.
Seek diversity.
Speak the hard truths.
Create clarity.
Take small steps towards greatness.

Diversity at Dataquest

Because our mission is to teach data skills to learners all over the world, diversity and accessibility are very important to us. Just like our drive to broaden the diversity of Data Science through our learners, we also look to do this internally on our team as well.

We strive to create an environment where everybody feels valued and where people of all ethnicities, gender identities or expressions, sexual orientation, abilities, and nationalities can be authentic, knowing that they are appreciated for who they are.

We know we aren't perfect. We aspire to be a more inclusive company than we are today, everyday.

Our Diversity Initiatives

  • Scholarships
  • Diversity and inclusion survey
  • Monthly diversity meeting
  • Diversity book club
  • Diversity committees, focusing on topics like neurodiversity and pride month

Our benefits

The success of Dataquest is inseparable from the health and wellbeing of its employees. We strive to make Dataquest a place where everyone can thrive.

Health, dental, and vision insurance (US)
Flexible vacation and sick leave
Lifetime Dataquest Premium membership
Opportunity to directly impact learners
Be part of a mission-driven team
Annual professional development allowance
100% remote with flexible working hours

Frequently asked questions

If I am an international candidate, do I still have to pay taxes in the US?

In most cases, international team members do not have to pay taxes in the US. If you are a US citizen living abroad, you would have to pay taxes above a certain amount of annual income.

In any case, we always recommend that you speak with a tax attorney in your country of residence and citizenship to understand your tax obligations, before working through the offer process with Dataquest. Often the initial consultation is free.

Depending on your country, you may need some time to register a vat ID or company before you can legally work. Make sure to find a tax accountant with international experience. A good heuristic is to look for an accountant who speaks/offers services in English.

I am not a US citizen. What would be my employment status on paper?

You will be contracted as a full time service provider, not a full time employee. You will sign an agreement with Dataquest hiring you for your professional services. You will be required to provide an invoice monthly.

Does Dataquest pay for wire transfer fees for international employees?

We do not pay for wire transfer fees. Our international team members often use services like TransferWise or Revolut to minimize wire transfer fees. Payments will be sent to a personal account or business account. The account needs to be in your name or a business name.

What are my expected working hours?

You can select your own working hours, as long as there's a minimum overlap of 3 hours with EDT (US).

Does the team ever get to meet each other in person?

Yes! Dataquest has two offsites every year for a chance to have every employee (both domestic and international) meet each other in person (not all part-time employees are eligible).

We pick two different destinations (always cities with an international airport) usually in the beginning and in the middle of the fiscal year, these can be US destinations or international destinations.

The offsites are typically about a week long and include events like; team building, brainstorming, employee hackathons, and all kind of fun activities. All employee travel costs are reimbursed by Dataquest.

Are there any stipends or reimbursements available for my office setup/co-working spaces/coffee shops?

Not at the moment. Each person prefers a different working space arrangement, which can vary significantly in cost. We aim to pay competitive salaries so each team member can arrange their workspace how they see fit.

How much collaboration is there since this is a remote company?

Dataquest by nature is a very collaborative work environment as we are all working on one mission: student success. We use tools like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and others to make sure we are always staying in touch and communicating as much as possible with each other.

We have our day to day functional teams, but we also have smaller groups of cross-functional team members working on various projects involving; the business, culture, student success, amongst other things.

There are plenty of opportunities at Dataquest to work on projects outside of your normal job duties and work with team members across different groups.

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