Start collecting your own data! Dataquest Skill Paths teach you job-ready skills that can be immediately applied to your current or future data roles and projects. Learn how to use Python and Beautiful Soup to scrape the web and download data from APIs in this interactive web scraping course. If you’ve worked with Python and would like to add another powerful tool to your skill set, this is the perfect course for you.

Since this course assumes some familiarity with the basics of using Python for data science, it allows us to jump in and start learning web scraping with Python immediately.

  • Discover how to query external data sources using an API with Python
  • Learn the fundamentals of scraping data from the web
  • Add a new skill that you can use immediately

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What You’ll Learn

Leveraging APIs, powerful libraries such as Beautiful Soup and requests HTML increase overall efficiency by simplifying how you retrieve data from different websites. This course on using Python for web scraping is ideal for learning to source and parse data. It’s the perfect addition to your other Python skills. You’ll explore queries and API requests while diving into the awesome power of Beautiful Soup.

Here are some of the useful things you’ll learn from this course .

  • Query external data sources from the web
  • Master creating and processing API requests
  • Explore Beautiful Soup to retrieve specific elements from a page
  • Learn advanced requests like POST, PUT/PATCH, DELETE
  • Explore data scraping basics
  • Build web scraping and API Python fundamentals
  • Explore data in the JSON format
  • Request and download a website’s HTML content
  • Use CSS selectors, Find All, IDs, and Classes
Data Scientist in Python Salary Increase

Python data scientists earn between $104-$156K per year according to ZipRecruiter.

Data Scientist in Python Job Openings

The growing demand in Python skills is largely due to data science.

Data Scientist In Python Job Growth

According to industry leaders, Python is the best programming language for web scraping. 

How Our APIs and Web Scraping with Python Course Works

A lot of the data on the web requires querying and scraping before you can put it to use. APIs and web scraping with Python lets you automate the process of putting unstructured data into a format you can work with for analysis.

We approach learning from a different angle. We’ll guide you through topics such as extracting data from websites using Python — topics that keep you engaged through hands-on, interactive learning. No more endless searching for resources that don’t work. No more dry, boring videos that make learning more difficult than it has to be. You’ll also have the perfect avenue to apply your new knowledge with our many practice problems. 

We believe partnering with you on your learning journey goes a long way, which is why we’ve built a thriving community and support tools to help you throughout your studies.

Here’s a quick glance at this course:

  • This course will provide you with a working knowledge of web scraping and APIs, which you’ll be able to use professionally once completed.
  • This course will provide you with a working knowledge of web scraping and APIs, which you’ll be able to use professionally once completed.
  • You’ll perform hands-on web scraping and answer practice problems to validate and apply your new skill.
  • At the end of the course, you’ll complete a guided project to enhance your resume and further reinforce your new knowledge.
  • Completion of this course will give you access to an issued certificate as proof of your hard work that you can share with your professional network.
  • After you receive your certificate, you’ll be armed with the fundamental framework of APIs and web scraping with Python. Additional more advanced data science courses are available too if you want to continue learning!
  • Learn by writing and validating code, not by watching videos.
  • Engage with the community, get feedback on your project, and keep building.

APIs and Web Scraping with Python Course Lesson List

Working With APIs
Learn to work with a simple API by finding the position of the International Space Station.

Intermediate APIs
Learn to work with a more complex API that involves authentication and POST requests.

Challenge: Working With The Reddit API
Practice making requests to an API that requires authentication.

Web Scraping
Learn how to extract data from web pages.

Who Is This APIs and Web Scraping with Python Course for?

Python is everywhere, used at well-known companies across every industry. Taking your skill set to the next level will help in your current role and prepare you for future tasks. 

If you have basic knowledge of Python for data science, this course is perfect for you. (If you’re new to Python, check out our Programming in Python course.) Start today, and add another skill that’s useful everywhere. Knowing how to collect your own data by scraping it from websites using BeautifulSoup or downloading it via API will open up a world of new analysis possibilities.