Answering Business Questions using SQL

In this data science project for this SQL intermediate course, you’ll synthesize all the concepts you have learned in this course so far and apply them to practice answering business questions using SQL. Coming up with questions and then answering them with SQL is an essential skill for anyone in a Data Analyst or Data Scientist role.

Upon completion of this guided project, you’ll have a great showcase of SQL querying skills to show off to employers in any interview where you are asked about your proficiency writing SQL queries to extract insights from troves of data.

Similar to other missions in the course, you will be working with the Chinook database, a music collection involving track name, album name, artist name, genre, and number of tracks purchased.


  • Learn to frame a business question into advanced SQL queries.
  • Learn to use pandas plot methods to create visualizations of your query results.
  • Learn to write analysis to communicate the results of your work.

Lesson Outline

  1. Introduction and Schema Diagram
  2. Creating Helper Functions
  3. Selecting Albums to Purchase
  4. Analyzing Employee Sales Performance
  5. Analyzing Sales by Country
  6. Visualizing Sales by Country
  7. Albums vs Individual Tracks
  8. Next Steps

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