Fundamentals of SQL I

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Learning SQL is important for anyone who wants to work in the field of data science. In 2021, SQL is the most in-demand language in data job postings and the most-used language by actual data professionals.

But SQL skills are also valuable in any role that involves work with data or spreadsheets. If you spend some of your working hours in Excel, chances are you could benefit from learning SQL skills.

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Course Structure: SQL Fundamentals

Everything you need to learn to get started with SQL.

Introduction to SQL

This lesson is an intro to writing SQL queries. You’ll learn how to use the SELECT clause and how to do arithmetic in SQL. 

Introduction to Databases

This lesson is an introduction to databases. You'll learn more about working with databases to get the data you need using SQL.

Exploring Tables

This lesson will take your SQL skills a step further. You'll learn about the LIMIT clause, different SQL dialects, and how SQL commands execute.

Coding with Style

This lesson is an intro to coding and style rules. You’ll learn about commenting, the order of execution, and the different SQL dialects. 

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