Python for Data Science Fundamentals Part II is a beginner-friendly interactive online Python course and a continuation of Python for Data Science Fundamentals Part I. Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and data science with Dataquest and achieve your data career goals.

  • Why Python?

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Why take a Python course?

Python is a flexible and beginner-friendly programming language that anyone can learn! In this course, we'll focus on learning the fundamentals — like basic Python syntax — with an eye on how they're used for data analysis and data science work.

Python is one of the most-used programming languages in 2020, and according to developers, also one of the most loved.

It can open up new career paths. Many data scientists, who earn an average of $122k per year, use primarily Python.

Even basic Python skills can help you process and analyze data much more quickly and effectively in your current job. , For example, this Python course helped one learner escape from an Excel nightmare.

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What you'll learn in this Python course:

Dictionaries and Frequency Tables

Learn to build frequency tables using dictionaries.

Functions: Fundamentals

Learn how to speed up your workflow using functions.

Functions: Intermediate

Learn more about using functions to write better code while avoid common pitfalls.

Learn and Install Jupyter Notebook

Learn the basics of using Jupyter Notebook.

Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Market

Learn to combine the skills you learned in this course to perform data analysis.

Frequently asked questions about this Python course

How long does the course take?

On Dataquest, you can learn at your own pace. There's no set course schedule you need to worry about.

Different learners work at different paces, but a typical learner might finish this course in 6-10 hours, depending on how familiar they are with coding concepts when they begin.

Read more about how long it takes to learn Python.

Where are the videos?

We don't teach with videos. We think the best way to learn programming is to actually write code, not watch someone else write code.

Read more about the science behind our hands-on learning approach.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, and you should! Sign up for a free account and get started right now, right in your browser!

What is this Python course useful for?

We've designed this course with total Python beginners in mind, and it's focused on how to use Python to work with data.

However, this course is focused on learning the fundamentals of Python, so the lessons you learn here will be applicable across a wide variety of potential applications.

If you want to become a data analyst or data scientist, this is a great place to start your journey. If you just want to learn a little Python to help out with a project at work, this course will be great for that too.