March 21, 2022

The Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI Skill Path Is Now Live!

The Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI Skill Path Is Now Live!

The day has come — our brand-new skill path, “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI,” developed in collaboration with Microsoft, is now live! In only a few months, this skill path will help you gain the essential skills in Power BI you need to get a job in business analysis. You’ll learn to use data analysis to create insights for better business decisions; you’ll also learn how to model data, create reports, and build interactive dashboards by using a drag-and-drop interface.

A skill path that responds to the market demand

We launched this skill path for a few primary reasons: 

  • A growing market demand for business analysis and business intelligence jobs and skills
  • A surge in the number of jobs requiring Microsoft Power BI
  • A shared desire with Microsoft to bring Microsoft Power BI skills to learners around the world
  • To build a business analyst career path that would teach the essential skills to start a career anchored by Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI

The essentials of Microsoft Power BI in a skill path

With our “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” skill path, we’ve decided to focus on the essential skills you need to understand and use the platform to become job-ready.

You’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Navigate the Power BI interface
  • Clean, transform, load, and structure data
  • Design data models
  • Create compelling, data-driven stories with meaningful visuals, dashboards, and reports
  • Manage workspaces
  • Perform business analysis

“ I’m very excited to launch our new Power BI skill path in collaboration with Microsoft. Power BI is used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide, and is one of the most in-demand data skills today.  Our new path will help learners around the world level up their Power BI skills with hands-on exercises and projects.

I’m looking forward to continuing to partner with Microsoft to create more training and certification opportunities for learners.”, says Vik, our founder.

Why should you learn Microsoft Power BI with us

We’ve created a skill path that will help both technical and non-technical users develop the applied skills they need to take full advantage of Microsoft Power BI — you can learn the rest on the job.

You don’t need prior knowledge of Microsoft Power Bi — some basic knowledge of math and spreadsheets will be enough. After completing the path, you’ll have what it takes to showcase the necessary knowledge and skills to your existing and future employers. And this won’t take a year like a boot camp — it only takes a few months.

By the time you finish the path, you’ll be ready for the Microsoft Certification Exam PL-300, an assessment that measures your ability and certifies your skills in Power BI. And, by completing 4 courses on our path, you’ll get a 50% discount on the exam. With this certification in hand, you’ll let existing or future employers know that you carry Microsoft’s stamp of approval when it comes to Power BI.

Learning on Dataquest

At Dataquest, we believe in learning by doing, not just by watching videos or reading support documentation. That means you’ll write real code, directly in your browser, and you’ll complete guided projects that you can use to build out your portfolio.

All courses at Dataquest are asynchronous, so you can work at your own pace, whenever it’s convenient for you. If you get stuck, our active and supportive community of users has answers for every question, and we’re just a click away.

Here are a few things you can expect when learning with us:

  • Start learning easily with our in-browser coding interface — no hiccups from installing software
  • Get real, hands-on experience that gets you job-ready with our practice- and project-based learning pedagogy
  • Build your portfolio of projects to demonstrate your skills to existing or future employers
  • Learn only what is necessary with our structured paths, and be on your way to achieving your goals
  • Get support during  your learning journey from like-minded people who are on the same journey
  • Celebrate your achievement, and showcase evidence of your learning

So, now that the skill path is open and ready for business, come take a look. You could master Power BI in just a few short months.


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