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The Business Analyst Job Description (2022 Version)

Without great insights, a business cannot succeed. Period. That’s where business analysis comes in. Business analysts help organizations determine which strategies do and don’t work. The BA is responsible for assessing business needs and making recommendations to improve operations. Although the purpose of this job is quite clear, it can be tricky to pin down […]

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Business Analyst Certifications: Do You Actually Need Them?

Business analysts need certifications, right? Not necessarily. Skill mastery is the name of the game. Business analysis is a lucrative and in-demand career field. Business analysts’ reports are central to organizational decision-making — and their salaries reflect their value.  If you’re thinking of becoming a business professional or entertaining the idea of a career switch, […]

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Business Analyst Salaries in the US (July 2022)

The business analyst is an in-demand data science job with a highly competitive salary range. Here are the numbers for 2022. The job market is having a moment right now, and many people are considering a job switch. Enter the business analyst . . . Business analysts are trained data specialists with database and business […]

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