March 29, 2019

The Data Science Career Guide


At Dataquest, our goal is to help every student, regardless of their background in coding or statistics, master the skills needed to do data science and achieve the career of their dreams.

Our interactive online learning platform teaches the technical skills you need to do data science. But getting a job in data science, especially your first job in data science, isn’t always easy even when you’ve got the technical chops you need.

But before we start talking about tech skills, let's take a look at why  you might want to learn data science. What kind of salary change might you see? We built a short quiz that can help you make a quick estimate:

(Not sure which role you're interested in yet? This article will help you differentiate the major roles in data science so you can make the right choice for you in the quiz below).

How could a career in data change your salary?