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Tableau Training: Stop Learning Incorrectly (Do This Instead)

Why Learn Tableau? Tableau is one of the most popular business intelligence tools in the world — it is one of the top 3 leaders in the market, as ranked by Gartner.  In 2022, more than 30,000 organizations use Tableau, and more than 200,000 job vacancies on LinkedIn require at least some knowledge of it. […]

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How to Build Better Tableau Projects (The Ultimate Guide)

Do you want to learn Tableau? Then practice, practice, practice! Here are six resources that will build your Tableau skills — and your portfolio! Tableau is an incredibly powerful, all-encompassing data visualization tool. It can create beautiful, crisp data visualizations using a variety of chart types. It also has a number of powerful, built-in calculations. […]

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How to Create Parameters in Tableau (A Simple Guide)

What Is a Parameter in Tableau? Parameters are among the most versatile and useful features in Tableau — especially following the 2020 addition of parameter dashboard actions. As with just about anything in Tableau, we can start small and work our way to greater complexity — Tableau parameters are no different. Why Use Parameters in Tableau? […]

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